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Adrienne "Rie" Sheridan


Hi, I'm Rie Sheridan. I have been writing since I first picked up a crayon, but now you can actually read it. After more years than I care to admit, things are finally beginning to shape up!

I paid my major dues in the fan fiction arena back in the 1980's in the DOCTOR WHO and SHADOW CHASERS fandoms. I edited several issues of a fanzine called "FROM THE NOTEBOOK OF SARAH JANE", and still remember how proud I was of the first story of my own that was over three pages. I also put out a one-shot SHADOW CHASERS collection of five inter-related stories called "ALWAYS A PRICE TO PAY" which could almost be considered a first crack at a novel. But it was not all vanity press. My fan work was also included in several other zines, most notably SHADOW CHASERS EXPRESS.

After writing in other people's worlds for awhile, I decided that I would like to try resurrecting THE BLOOD THAT BINDS, an idea I first started working on when I was about nine years old and dabbled with off and on every few years. This is the tale of a fantasy kingdom filled with strange and interesting characters of my own. Once I started seriously visiting with them, I never have been able to go back to fandom....

The usual trunkload of rejections followed, but I kept writing. After all, I was being rejected by the best of them!

In 1998, I entered a little story about a curious bat in the HalfPrice Books "Say Goodnight to Illiteracy" Bedtime Story contest, and was named one of 20 national finalists and published in the 1999 Annual Anthology. Soon afterwards, I had a poem, "Sibling Rivalry," accepted to MYTHIC CIRCLE magazine. Soon after that, I actually sold a poem to DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES Vampire magazine.

Along with the feedback and advice given by the students and staff in the F2K Writing Course offered by Writer's Village University, there were nibbles. A wonderfully supportive editor in Canada suggested that I engage a professional book doctor to edit my fantasy, and it has proven to be one of the smartest moves I ever made.

In May 2000, I won the March session F2K Short Story Contest for my short piece "Nothing Left to Lose", a prequel to the action in my fantasy. This piece appeared in the July 2000 issue of T-Zero Expandizine, a great e-zine for all writers. A slightly revised version of this story appeared in the Canadian e-zine SPACEWAYS WEEKLY the week of October 13th, 2000. Unfortunately, this fine zine has since ceased publication, and did not archive online. I also had a vampire story, "Whine," accepted by DRAGONS AND VAMPIRES e-zine [This zine appears to be having techinical difficulties--I will reactivate the link if they get back online], and have a science fiction piece entitled "Steel Velvet" on the WE LOVE WRITERS website. I am also Senior Fiction Editor to the online web venture VERGE magazine. I have a monthly writing column, and a story or two to spin now and again. We are always looking for contributors. Check out the guidelines!

Now, I am beginning to expand into the non-fiction world. I have contributed several reviews to DARK MATTER CHRONICLES and an article on Outsider Art appeared in English and FRENCH at the online gallery "Une Sardine Collee Au Mur". This article also appears in the VERGE e-zine archives.

I am currently waiting with great anticipation for my first ebook to hit the stands next month--a collection of short fiction entitled RIEVISIONS coming from SunnySide Up Publishing. THE BLOOD THAT BINDS will be published in December by NovelBooks, Inc, and my third book, THE LUTE AND THE LIAR is due out next June from NovelBooks, Inc as well. I will also have work included in several collected anthologies in the near future. I will keep everyone posted.

All in all, it's been a pretty good ride!