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Welcome to
The PT Cruiser Photo Albums.

I have redesigned all three pages and am adding several new pictures. You can see the NEW 2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser Couture Edition on page two and the Super Cruiser on page three. So yes, there is 3 pages, with a lot of new pictures. I will also add new link buttons to make going between pages simpler. With that said, hopefully I'm making this a more user friendly website. The first page will be history, then current Cruisers, then finally the custom page. Hopefully this will also help with every picture I add after this.

The Following is now history like our PT Cruiser. After FIAT took over, we were granted one more year of production. That time has now expired and we have nothing but memories left. I am not giving up hope that a new version can still rise from the ashes. We deserve a new Cruiser, and should demand it as well.

Seeing as the look has not changed, only the colors offered some pictures will remain. Sad news for the cruiser since Daimler shed Chrysler. It appears the GT model has been dropped from the model offerings. The new choices are LX, Sunset Boulevard Edition, Touring, Signature Series Value Package, and Limited. The only turbo motor available is the 180hp, and it comes in the Limited only. The 230 horse Gt motor has disappeared from any model or option. Let us hope that Chrysler's new parents come to their senses and return the GT to it's rightful place.
Other news from the Chrysler front. Chrysler will drop the PT Cruiser Convertible at the end of the 2008 model year.

Tell Chrysler how you feel about the amazing PT Cruiser and sign the petition.

Sign the petition to save our beloved PT.

Then you can watch these great videos.

The Cat in the PT Cruiser - Music Video

PT Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway Edition

Lights Green, Let's Go!

The Idea and the Beginings

Not every design looks like the curent model. Some were the inspiration, the idea for the PT. The CCV(in white), and the Expresso(in yellow) are the tall car concepts that insired the vision. They may not be the most attractive designs, but it gave Chrysler a new direction it never gave serious thought to. Both the Plymouth Pronto, and the Pronto Cruizer were the closet incarnations. With these models you can spot the influence to what you see today.

The Cruiser Debuts

The next to be seen was that actual car. The pre-production prototype made the auto ahow circuit.
The only change made prior to production was the liftgate handle.

When you drive one, you will be the center of attention.
The original 10 colors offered.
In the beginning, before the Cruiser was; there was color. When the only way to get one the way you wanted meant ordering it online. These were the color choices.

It certainly got the attention of the press. Winning the Car of the Year award from Motor Trend.

Even better news is that in a government crash test, it received 4 out of 5 stars. The PT is not only great looking, but safe as well.

PT under construction!

Special Edtions and Versions

The Panel Cruiser is the only hold out from Chrysler yet to see production.

While this model did make it, with only a name and bumper change.

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