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The WAV files fully armed and operational, enjoy.

Welcome to the photo album of Eek! the Cat and The Tick. Finding pics of Eek and Tick just got a little easier, and this is what I have for you now. New sights and sounds added just for you. That would be more pics and WAVS. I also have another feature, talking pictures. No I'm not losing it, click on some of the pics and they will talk to you. Enjoy!!

Tick News

The first two seasons of The Tick are ON DVD!!!!!!

The website announced August 29, 2006 as the release date. The 2 disc set in not the complete season, but a best of season one. I will keep updating my site as more information becomes available. To read the article, click here for more information. Season two has also been released in the same manner. Both are on sale now.


You now can watch Eek! The Cat and the Thunderlizards on You Tube. There are several episodes to choose from and I even found a couple for Klutter.

Eek! and his talking pictures

Terrible Thunderlizards


The Tick

Tick Speak

The Tick Wav Files!
The Tick theme song
"I am The Tick"
"Well this is dissappointing"
"smells like, AMBUSH"
The Tick discusses his "archenemy"
"bad dog, bad dog"
same, only longer
"hey cool, they got a blimp!"
evil midnight bomber
"eeehee swingin"
"I feel funky, monkey funky"
"read a book"
same as above with fanfare
"not in the face, not in the face!"
"oh neat!"
"we do NOT touch the don't button!"
"could you destroy the earth?"

Eek! The Cat's McTropolis
Thunderlizard's Jurassic City
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