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The Second Photo Gallery

This is the photo album we do not discuss with outsiders.

I am asking everybody to continue praying for our nation, leaders and families involved is national crisis. Pray that God will do a mighty work in this. Thank You

I will keep adding pages until I run out of pictures.

Vacation Pictures

Brent Matthews, Dr.Fong, Kent Matthews, and Skillet.

Jeff Scott, Kent Matthews, and Geoff Moore


Brent Matthews, Dr.Fong, Kent Matthews, and Jeff Scott

James Michael pushing out the music
Jeff living a dream

Moral Question

YOU DECIDE: I have a moral question for you. This is an imaginary situation, but I think it is fun to decide what one would do. The situation: You are in the Middle East, and there is a huge flood in progress. Many homes have been lost, water supplies compromised and structures destroyed. Let's say that you're a photographer and getting still photos for a news service, traveling alone, looking for particularly poignant scenes. You come across Osama Bin Laden who has been swept away by the floodwaters. He is barely hanging on to a tree limb and is about to go under. You can either put down your camera and save him, or take a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of him as he loses his grip on the limb. So, here's the question and think carefully before you answer it:

Which lens would you use?

wide angle

The Newest Photo Event

You might be a redneck.