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Pilkington Family

Just recently, I began researching the Pilkington branch of my family. I have run into several spellings of this name including Pilkington, Pilkinton, and Pelkington. I am not sure how these different spellings occurred. They may have been typos, errors in transcription, original writing errors, etc. Who knows? In any case, I have typed the names below just as I found them in the transcription.

Some of the research I have acquired from other researchers, some from transcribed records online, and some (very little) I have actual documentation on. In any case, I suggest you verify all of the information. We are all seeking the truth and it is so easy for any of us to jump to conclusions or make wrong connections. I just want to share the leads I have so that others don't have to tread the same ground that others already have.

This page contains the generations as far as I can figure them out. To see the transcribed documents, click here.

1st Generation Christy Hakes Coppedge (me)
Born 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Married Doug Mehl in 2007.

2nd Generation Carolyn Witcher (Christy's mom)
Born 1949 in Littlefield, Texas.
Bruce Hakes (Christy's dad)
Born 1947 in Milaca, Minnesota.
Married 1967 in Littlefield, Texas.


3rd Generation LouElla Holmes (Carolyn's mom)
Born 1929 in Sweetwater, Texas.
Married in 1947 in Littlefield, Texas.
Alva Copeland Witcher (Carolyn's dad)
Born August 15,1923 in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Died October 8, 2003 in San Angelo, Texas.
Buried in Littlefield, Texas.

4th Generation Annie Lou Pilkington (LouElla's Mother) in 1928 in Sweetwater, Fisher Co. TX.
Born August 23, 1909 in Hood Co, TX.
Died October 16, 1978 in Littlefield, TX.
Y.C. Holmes (LouElla's Father)
NOTE: As far as I can tell, Y.C. is his real name, not initials.
Born September 1, 1899 in Piedmont, AL.
Died October 10, 1977 in Littlefield, TX.
Married April 28, 1928 in Mitchell Co, TX (I believe)
Both are buried in Littlefield, Lamb Co., TX.

5th Generation Jasper Dean Pilkington (Annie Lou's father)
Born December 1876 in Alabama.
Died around 1940 in Mitchell Co, TX.
Laura Lee Huffstetler (Annie Lou's mother)
Born May 1880 in TX.
Died after Annie Lou's birth in 1909 but before about 1917 in Hood Co. TX.
NOTE: Her name may have been Lula or Louisa.
Jasper married a widow names Betty Maude Price Bell after Laura's death. Betty brought a step-daughter/niece and three sons into the marriage. Jasper and Betty had 6 more children by the 1930 census.

6th Generation Andrew Jasper Newton Pilkington (Jasper Dean's Father)
NOTE: I am not completely sure of the full name. In the 1860 census (St. Clair Co, AL) there are brothers named Andrew and Jasper.
Born 1848 in Alabama.
Died after 1900 in Texas.
Synthia Roene (or Raene) McCallum (Jasper Dean's Mother)
Born January 1848 in Georgia.
Died after 1900 in Texas.
Both buried in Hood County. TX.

7th Generation Permenas Pilkington (Andrew Jasper's father)
Born about 1809 in Tennessee.
Sarah (Andrew Jasper's mother)
Born about 1808 in South Carolina.

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