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The Hakes Family

The Hakes Family

Did you know that former Vice President Dan Quayle can trace his ancestors back to Solomon and Anna (Billings) Hakes? Check out the following website: Ancestry of Dan Quayle

Ralph Houghton, a Hakes descendent, has undertaken the huge task of preparing a PDF version of the Hakes Family by Harry Hakes (1888). You can find this printable book online at Hakes Genealogy Online.

Most of the information below I have acquired through the book by Harry Hakes. Since then I have worked on finding census and other records to verify as much of the information as possible. So, here is a link to the Hakes Family Census Records.

Soon I hope to add more documents to help in other's research.

9th Generation Christy Hakes Coppedge
Born 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Married Doug Mehl in 2007.


8th Generation Bruce Hakes (Christy's dad)
Born 1947 in Milaca, Minnesota.
Married Carolyn Witcher in 1967. (Christy's mom)


7th Generation Wallace Corwin Hakes (Bruce's dad)
Born February 18, 1907 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconson.
Died April 29, 1972 in Milaca, Minnesota.
Emma Larsen (Bruce's mom)
Born March 7, 1910 in Winthrop, IA
Died January 21, 1992 in Isanti, MN
Married March 7, 1930 in Waterloo, Iowa.
Wallace and Emma are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Milaca, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota.
Wallace and Emma had 9 children:
Fred W. - b. January 17, 1931; d. February 16, 1951; buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Milaca, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota
Elizabeth - PRIVATE
Carroll W. - b. August 30, 1934; d. July 24, 1941; buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Milaca, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota
Harold H. - PRIVATE
Clerence D. - b. December 23, 1940 in Isanti, MN; d. February 24, 1971.
Buried in Arlington National Cemetery for service in Vietnam.
Kathryn M. - PRIVATE
Philip L. - b. April 1, 1946; d. August 19, 2009
Bruce A. - b. August 1947

Wallace and Emma Hakes on their wedding day.


6th Generation Jessie Monroe Hakes (Wallace's dad)
Born September 21, 1873 in Covington, Pennsylvania.
Died November 3, 1950 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconson.
Married Elizabeth "Bessie" Sylvia Wells.
Born March 31, 1880 in Wisconson.
Died February 12, 1973 in Buffalo Lake, Minnesota.
Jessie and Bessie had two other boys besides Wallace (above):
Leonard James - b. January 27, 1904 in North Dakota, d. May 29, 1984 in Buffalo Lake, Minnesota.
Edmond - b. September 30, 1914 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconson, d. October 1986 in Minnesota.

Top row left to right: Gussie Hakes and wife Mary, Bill Hakes and wife Mamie, John Hakes and daughter Mae (Milly), Jessie Hakes and wife Bessie (Elizabeth), Truman Syddons and wife Mamie (Hakes)
Middle Row: Katherine (Kit) and husband Wally Hakes, Zeblian(?) Hakes and wife Mary, Isabel and James Hakes (see below), Ross Hakes and wife Sarah Elizabeth, George Hakes and wife Myra
Front Row: Hattie and John Almond (?Alliman), Harry Hakes and wife Allie.

March 20, 2009 - I received an e-mail from a Hakes decendent and she sent a scan of the names that were written on the back of her copy of the same picture. I am adding the names as written there but keeping the ones I originally had as well. There are a few differences and a few spelling changes. I'll just type it the way I see it.

Top row left to right: Gus and Mary Hakes, William and Mayne Hakes, Uncle John Hakes and friend, Jessie and Bessie Hakes, Truman and Mayne Siddons
Middle Row: Kathern and Wallace Moss, Mary and Charlie Hakes, Grandma and Grandpa James Hakes (see below), Ross and Elizabeth Hakes, George and Almira Hakes
Front Row: Hattie and John Altmon, Allie and Harry Hakes.


5th Generation James Carlon Hakes (Jessie's dad)
Born February 21, 1834 in Columbia, Pennsylvania.
Died in Chippewa Falls, Wisconson.
Married 1st Elmira Hutchins on September 17, 1857.
Married 2nd Rosella (nee Henry) Bush (Jessie's Mom) on December 5, 1871 in Covington, Pennsylvania.
Married 3rd Isabel (Bella) M. Johnson on June 23, 1875.


4th Generation Solomon "Stanton" Hakes (James' dad)
Born 1779 in Eastern New York.
Died in Covington, Pennsylvania.
Married Phebe L. Corwin.


3rd Generation Solomon Hakes, 3rd. (Stanton's dad)
Born December 12, 1758 in Canaan, Connecticut.
Died October 8, 1841 Columbia, Pennsylvania.
Married Anna Downing on December 12, 1778 in Albany, New York.
According to the family Bible, as seen by Harry Hakes, 1889, Anna was born in 1757
and died in 1842. Solomon was born in 1758 and died in 1841.


2nd Generation Solomon Hakes, Jr. (Solomon, 3rd's dad)
Born about 1727 in Stonington, Connecticut.
It is unknown when and where he died.
Married in 1753 or 1754.


1st Generation Solomon Hakes (Solomon, Jr.'s dad)
Born about 1688 in England.
According to Harry Hakes (Wilkes-Barre, April 30, 1889),"Solomon Hakes was born in
England, certainly before 1686, but not long before that date. As for the origin of the name,
we can only say , that both the records and legends, point to Devonshire or Cornwall."

Died after 1750 near Stonington, Connecticut.
Married Anna Billings January 16, 1718 in Stonington, Connecticut.
According to Harry Hakes (Wilkes-Barre, December 21, 1886), ďAnna Billings was born at
Stonington, CT, October 7th 1681. Her motherís maiden name was Anna Comstock, and her
fatherís name was Ebenezer Billings. Ebenezer was the second child of William Billings,
who came from England about 1640, married Mary _____ and settled at Stonington. The English
ancestors reach back to the year 1420. Anna was the eldest child of Ebenezer and Anna Comstock-Billings.Ē


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