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Pilkington Family Documents

1860 St. Clair Co. Alabama Census

PILKINTON Permenus 51 born in Tennessee
PILKINTON Sarah 52 born in SC
PILKINTON Augustus 17 born in AL
PILKINTON Jasper 12 born in AL
PILKINTON Andrew 11 born in AL
PILKINTON William 27 born in TN
PILKINTON Sarah 20 born in AL
PILKINTON Nancy 9 born in AL
PILKINTON Franklin 7 born in AL
PILKINTON George 3 born in AL
PILKINTON James W. 1/12 born in AL

These other Pilkintons are on the same census but different pages. I am guessing that they are related since there is another Permenus in the bunch.

PILKINTON Artamecia 20 AL
PILKINTON Permenas H. 18 AL
PILKINTON Frderick 20 AL
PILKINTON John W. 15 day AL
PILKINTON Thomas J. 15 day AL
PILKINTON Sandford 31 TN
PILKINTON Martha 1/12 AL
ABLES Andrew 21 TN
*Andrew Ables was a farm laborer living with the family.

Hood County Marriages

PILKINGTON, J.D. married Huffstuttler, Louia 24 Sept 1899
PILKINGTON, A.P. married Huffstuttler, Countes 22 May 1898

1900 Hood County, Texas Census

PILKINGTON **** Head DOB Dec 1876 age 23 born in Alabama
PILKINGTON Andrew Head DOB July 1874 age 25 born in Alabama
PILKINGTON Constance Wife DOB Feb 1876 age 2* born in Texas
PILKINGTON Lee H Son DOB May 1899 age 1 born in Texas
PILKINGTON Lula L Wife DOB May 1880 age 20 born in Texas
PILKINTON A Head DOB 1848 age 51 born in Alabama
PILKINTON Clayton Son DOB Apr 1891 age 9 born in TX
PILKINTON Inez Daughter DOB Feb 1881 19 born in Alabama
PILKINTON James Head DOB May 1862 38 born in Alabama
PILKINTON Jerusha Daughter DOB Feb 1879 21 born in Alabama
PILKINTON Lucy Daughter DOB Oct 1885 14 born in Texas
PILKINTON Mary * Wife DOB Sept 1860 39 born in Kentucky
PILKINTON Raene Wife DOB Jan 1848 52 born in Georgia
PILKINTON Robert Son DOB Jan 1884 16 born in Alabama
PILKINTON W N Son DOB Nov 1872 27 born in Alabama

1920 Hood County Census

Dean PILKINGTON age 43 born in Alabama
Billie* age 27 born in Texas
Myra age 14 born in TX
Hattie** age 14 born in Arkansas
Thelma age 13 born in TX
Louisa age 10 born in TX
Rollie age 9 born in TX
Ollie age 8 born in TX
Major age 5 born in TX
Sabrina*** age 6/12 born in TX

1930 Mitchell Co. Census

PILKINGTON, Jasper D. Head age 52 born in AL Parents born in AL
PILKINGTON Bettie* Wife age 38 born in AR Parents born in AL
BELL, Rollie B. Step-Son age 20
Ollie B Step-Son age 18
Major B. Step-Son age 15
PILKINGTON, Florence D. Daughter age 10
Lanoria B. Daughter age 9
Mildred D. Daughter age 5
Loyd J. Son age 3 1/2
Mary I Daughter age 1 1/2
Charles W. Son

*I had a hard time making out her name. It could have been Billie, but in the 1930 census I thought it looked more like Bettie or Dottie. Another researcher confirmed it as Bettie.

**Hattie was also hard to make out. As it turns out, she is the step-daughter/niece of Bettie who married Jasper Dean after his first wife died. Bettie's first husband was Charlie Bell. She married him after her sister, Nannie, died. Hattie (or Nettie) was the daughter of Charlie and Nannie. Another researcher sent the census records from Arkansas that shows this. (see below)

***Sabrina is what it looked like here, but in 1930 I found Florence.

The daughter listed as Louisa in the 1920 census is my great grandmother, but her name was Annie Lou as far as I always knew. She died back in 1978. Her daughter (my grandmother) never knew anything but Annie Lou. Of course in the scheme of things in genealogy records, that means very little. There's no telling why the difference.

It looks like Jasper Dean's first wife was Louisa or Lula Huffstuttler (not sure of spelling) and that she died sometime after 1910 and before 1918 or so.

1910 PIKE CO ARKANSAS Page 333A HSD/FAM: 55/57
BELL, Charlie H M W 32 M2 3 AR AL MS
BELL, Bettie W F W 19 M1 3 2 2 AR US US
BELL, Nettie D F W 4 S AR AR AR
BELL, Charlie S M W 1 S AR AR AR
BELL, Raleigh S M W 3m S AR AR AR

This Nettie is the Hattie in the 1920 Hood County, Texas, Charlie jr died at an early age. Raleigh is Rollie

Elvira (Nannie) is Charlies first wife Betie second wife and married Pilkington J.D

1900 PIKE CO

Page 86B HSD/FAM: 270/270
PRICE, Eligia H W M NOV 1842 57 M 29 AL AL AL
PRICE, Nancy W W F DEC 1851 48 M 29 10 10 AL AL AL
PRICE, Charles S W M JAN 1873 27 S AL AL AL
PRICE, Mitildia D W F FEB 1874 26 S AL AL AL
PRICE, William S W M OCT 1878 21 S MS AL AL
PRICE, Eller D W F DEC 1881 18 S MS AL AL
PRICE, Oden S W M MAR 1883 17 S AR AL AL
PRICE, Elvira D W F APR 1884 16 S AR AL AL
PRICE, Mary D W F OCT 1887 12 S AR AL AL
PRICE, James S W M AUG 1889 10 S AR AL AL
PRICE, Betie D W F OCT 1892 7 S AR AL AL
Grag, Bertha E. GD W F FEB 1895 5 S AR AL AL