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The Coppedge Family

Most of the information that I have on this page came from The Coppage-Coppedge family : 1542-1955 by John E. Manahan. This book is an excellent starting point for anyone researching the Coppedge Family. Mr. Manahan uses documentation for much of his work, but I found that there are some errors on some of his most recent history in our particular branch of the family. As I search for the documentation in the census records, I can certainly see why. I have all of the census records for our branch of the Coppedge from 1800 to 1930 with the exception of the 1820 census. To see these records, click here.

The Coppedge Family

14th Generation Jimmy Coppedge
Born 1963 in San Angelo, Texas.

13th Generation Jim Lewis Coppedge (Jimmy's dad)
Janice Mauldin (Jimmy's mom)
Divorced when Jimmy was a baby.

12th Generation Ira Lewis Coppedge (Jim's dad)
Born February 21, 1913 in Fisher County, Texas.
Died December 10, 1995 at Shannon Hospital in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas.
Annie Louisa Hage[r]man (Jim's mom)
Born November 25, 1919 in Coke County, Texas.
Died October 12, 1999 at Coke County Nursing Home in Robert Lee, Texas.
Ira and Annie were married March 6, 1939. Both are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Bronte, Coke County, Texas.

11th Generation Jesse Lewis Coppedge (Ira's dad)
Born October 18, 1888 in Comanche County, Texas.
Died March 5, 1953 in Bronte, Coke County, Texas.
Carrie B. Mobley (Ira's mom)
Born September 7, 1886 in Gonzales County(?), Texas.
Died March 29, 1968 in Merkel, Taylor County, Texas.
Married April 18, 1909 in in Fisher County, Texas.
Both are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Bronte, Coke County, Texas.

10th Generation Richard Marion (Tom) Coppedge (Jesse's dad)
Born December 1865 in Missouri.
Died December 14, 1942 in Rotan, Fisher County, Texas.
Amanda Bell Ables (Jesse's mom)
Born January 1871 in Texas.
Died October 22, 1944 in Rotan, Fisher County, Texas.
Married 1887 or 1888 in Erath County(?), Texas.
Both are buried in the cemetery in Rotan, Fisher County, Texas.

Richard Marian (Tom) and Amanda Bell Coppedge


9th Generation William Thomas Coppedge (Richard's dad)
Born May 22, 1827 in Missouri.
Died February 24, 1901 in Erath County, Texas.
Mary H. Miller
Died either on February 12, 1873 or September 7, 1873.
Another Coppedge Genealogist sent this Bible Page to me. It is a page from the Bible of
Lilie May Coppedge Daniel, the daughter of William T. and Mary Coppedge.
Click here to see a transcribed version of the Bible Page.
William is buried at the Pecan Cemetery in Erath County, Texas.

8th Generation Isaac Coppedge (William's dad)
Born about 1806 in Kentucky.
Died in Missouri.
Rebecca Power (William's mom).
Born in Kentucky.
Died in Kentucky.

7th Generation Rodham Coppedge (Isaac's dad)
Born 1766 or 1768.
Nancy Collins (Isaac's mom)
Married 1792.

6th Generation Isaac Coppedge (Rhodam's dad)
Born 1737.
Died 1807.
Elizabeth Dameron (Rhodam's mom)
Married 1757.

5th Generation Charles Coppedge, Sr. (Isaac's dad)
Born 1687 in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia.
Died August 13, 1750.
Lucy Lunsford (Isaac's mom)
Married about 1716.

4th Generation William Coppedge (Charles' dad)
Born about 1646 or 1648 in Berkshire, England.
Died December 18, 1700 in Wicimico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia.
Anne Knight

3rd Generation Willaim Coppidge (William's dad)
Died 1684.
Elizabeth ?

2nd Generation Richard Coppidge (William's dad)
Avis Embury (William's mom)
Married May 27, 1605.

1st Generation Rev. William Copege (Richard's dad)
Born 1510 in England.
Died 1587 in England.
Faye Nelson (Richard's mom)

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