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Holmes Family

I will do the best I can to make it clear which names are attached to which people. All of this information came to me through another member of my family. This was probably taken around 1903-1905. YC Holmes was born in 1899 and it appears that he is about 4-7 years old at the oldest here.
Back Row Left to Right - Jackson Tidwell, Andrew Beechum, Jim Armstrong, Tom Tidwell, Bill Tidwell, John Tidwell, Bud Armstrong, Wiley Holmes, Hattie Tidwell Sparkman, James Forney Holmes (brother to Wiley Holmes), Ada Stewert Holmes, Lon Stewert
Front Left Grouping (to tht left of the left pole) Going Clockwise - Asbury Tidwell, Tommy Tidwell, Jenny Hampton, Effie Hampton Tidwell, R.M. (Bob) Garner (holding his sleeping child), Riley Garner (sleeping child), Robert Hillman Holmes (Old man with beard - Father of Wiley Holmes)
Middle Grouping Starting Top row left to right (between the two porch poles) - Mary Tidwell (holding baby), Baby Tidwell (being held by Mary Tidwell), Girl Tidwell, Granny (Mrs. Jim) Armstrong, Winnie Tidwell, Edna Tidwell, Ponder Tidwell
Children Sitting in middle section - middle row - Hester Garner, Proncie Tidwell, Jimmy Maples, Melvin Tidwell, Ewell Tidwell, Frances Tidwell, Myrtle Tidwell (sitting higher up directly in front of pole on right)
Children Sitting in middle section - front row - James Holmes, YC Holmes (son of Wiley Holmes), Lizzie Garner
Grouping to the right of the right pole. Starting top row left to right - Baby Armstrong, Mrs. Bud (Lela) Armstrong (holding Baby Armstrong), Amy Holmes, Robert Holmes
Middle Row Starting with boy in black jacket - Jimmy Tidwell, Mattie Tidwell, Zola Hampton, Horace Watkins, Mrs. Shilling
Bottom Row Starting with older lady who is sitting - Mary Jane Wells, Martha Holmes (mother of Wiley Holmes - holding her granddaughter), Beatrice Holmes (daughter of Wiley Holmes)

Current Generation Christy Hakes Coppedge Mehl
Born 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Married Doug Mehl in 2007.


2nd Generation Bruce Hakes (Christy's dad)
Born 1947 in Milaca, Minnesota.
Married Carolyn Witcher in 1967. (Christy's mom)


3rd Generation AlvaWitcher (Carolyn's Dad)
Born August 15, 1923 in Texas.
Died October 8, 2003 in San Angelo, Texas.
Buried in Littlefield, Texas.
Married LouElla Holmes (Carolyn's Mom) in 1947.
LouElla was born in April 22, 1929 in Fisher County, Texas.
Died July 5, 2005 in San Angelo, TX.
Buried in Littlefield, TX.


4th Generation Y.C. Holmes (LouElla's Father)
NOTE: As far as I can tell, Y.C. is his real name, not initials.
Born September 1, 1899 in Piedmont, AL.
Died October 10, 1977 in Littlefield, TX.
Married Annie Lou Pilkington (LouElla's Mother) in 1928 in Sweetwater, Fisher Co. TX.
Annie Lou was born August 23, 1909 and died October 16, 1978 in Littlefield, TX.
To see the children of Y.C. and Annie Holmes, click here.


5th Generation Wiley D. Holmes (Y.C.'s Father)
Born August 3, 1879 in Alabama.
Died November 23, 1953 in Amarillo, TX.
1st Wife: Ella Mae Garrett (Y.C.'s Mother)
Born in 1878.
Died March of 1903 or 1908 in Thorpe Springs, TX.
2nd Wife: Martha Huffstutler Doster
Born ?
Died May 30, 1932 in Weston, TX
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Wiley and Ella Mae (Garrett) Holmes - Probably around 1898 or so.


6th Generation Robert Hillman Holmes (Wiley's Father)
Born in 1841 in Granville Co. NC
Died in 1917 in Thorpe Springs, TX
Married Martha Etta Estes (Wiley's Mother) in 1863 in Calhoun Co. AL
Born in 1846 in North Carolina.
Died in 1911 in Thorpe Springs, TX
To see the children of Robert Holmes, click here.

7th Generation Samuel Holmes (Robert's Father)
Born in 1800 in North Carolina
Died in Alabama
Married Catherine (Kitty) Ussery (Robert's Mother) on December 21, 1821 in Granville Co. NC.
Born in 1805 in North Carolina
Died in Alabama.
To see the children of Samuel Holmes, click here.
Samuel Holmes is listed in the 1850 Granville Co. NC census. To see that transcription, click here.

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