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Reproduction Diving Helmets

Below you will find photographs and discriptions of some of the reproduction diving helmets, which are currently on the market. Some of these helmets are made from copper and brass just like the originals and are sometimes difficult to tell from an original helmet. Other helmets are resin cast and unmistakably reproductions, if you can touch them before you purchase them. Caution must be taken when buying helmets sight-unseen or from photographs.

MkV Reproduction Helmets

This is one of the most correct MkV reproduction helmets I have seen. It has all its components in the correct location. Other than the shape of the lights (windows), the shape of the manufacturer's name tag and the shape of the breast plate it is difficult to tell this helmet from an original. For a more detailed discription on how to spot reproduction MkV's look at Mike Giltzow's Reproduction Helmet Page on the Toucan2 web site.

Resin Cast Reproduction Helmets

This is a resin casting being sold as a Siebe Gorman reproduction.

The helmet appears to be attached to the breastplate (corselet) backwards.

Here is a cast resin helmet with its head on straight.

Russian Reproduction Helmets

This is a Russian reproduction of the German Medi helmet. It is a real working helmet styled to look like a collectable helmet. The Russian web site states that they can make copies of other helmets. A Russian MkV would be a lot of fun for the working equipment guys, if the Russians can make one.