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Antique Diving Helmets

This page contains photos of antique diving helmets along with the date of sale and the purchase price. These helmet sales are taken from some of the online auctions in order to give you an idea of what the market on these collectable items currently is.

Click on image for an enlarged view.

MkV Helmets

1126994227.gif (43478 bytes) 1130994500.jpg (51278 bytes) 1201995000.jpg (56259 bytes) 1219995000.jpg (49272 bytes)
DESCO MkV Model 1 DESCO MkV Model 1 Schrader MkV Model 1 Schrader MkV Model 1
Manufactured 2-2-45 Manufactured 3-3-44 Manufactured Aug.1942 Manufactured Aug.1942
Sold 11-26-99 $4227. Sold 11-30-99 $4500. Sold 12-01-99 $5000. Sold 12-19-99 $5000.
1229994228.jpg (199157 bytes) 0116004500.jpg (50666 bytes) 0125004301.jpg (80841 bytes) 0130004555.jpg (70027 bytes)
Schrader MkV Model 1 MkV W/ Weights, Shoes, & Dress Schrader MkV Model 1 Schrader MkV Model 1
Manufactured 1917 No Manufacturers Name Tag Manufactured 9-43 Manufactured 10-43
Sold 12-29-99 $4228. Sold 01-16-2000 $4500. Sold 01-25-2000 $4301. Sold 01-30-2000 $4555.

0301004402.jpg (42958 bytes)

0610004050.jpg (11375 bytes) 0610004500.jpg (33768 bytes) mix1.jpg (31058 bytes)
DESCO MkV Model 1 Miller Dunn MkV Model 1 Schrader MkV DESCO MkV Helium
Manufactured 9-5-45 Manufactured 3-1-44 Manufactured 1918  Manufactured 1990
Sold 03-01-2000 $4402. Sold 06-10-00 $4050. Sold 06-10-00 $4500 Seller Did Not Sell Bid Was $7350.


0121003250.jpg (25295 bytes) 0210003383.gif (38758 bytes) 0414004001.jpg (92854 bytes)
12-Bolt Commercial 12-Bolt Commercial W/ MkV Bonnet Morse Shallow Water
Manufactured after 1940 Manufactured after 1940 Manufactured Prior to 1940
Seller Did Not Sell Bid Was $3250 Sold 02-10-00 $3383. Sold 04-14-00 $4001.

Miller Dunn

1212994850.jpg (48828 bytes) 1216994750.jpg (47272 bytes) dunnleft.jpg (88711 bytes)
Miller Dunn Style1 Miller Dunn Style I Miller Dunn Style III
Manufactured early 1900s Manufactured early 1900s Date of Manufacture Unknown
Sold 12-12-99 $4850. Sold 12-16-99 $4750. Seller Did Not Sell Bid Was $3250

Miscellaneous American Helmets


0527003700.jpg (41287 bytes)
Snead Shallow Water Helmet

Manufactured in the 40's or 50's

Sold 05-07-00 $1135. 


Date of Manufacture Unknown

Sold 05-27-00 $3700.

Foreign Helmets

1129991425.jpg (56401 bytes) 1227991135.jpg (91748 bytes) 011000960.jpg (81200 bytes)
Korean Kim

Manufactured in 40s or 50s

Sold 12-29-99 $1425.


Manufactured in 40s or 50s

Sold 12-27-99 $1135

Sold as Japanese

Sold as WWI Era

Sold 01-10-00 $960.

0114003000.jpg (106856 bytes) 0527003505ns.jpg (38692 bytes) 0229002025ns.jpg (13486 bytes)
Draeger DM40 Germany

 Sold as WWII Era

Sold 01-14-00 $3000.

Siebe Gorman Admiralty pattern 6-bolt

Manufactured in the 20's

Seller Did Not Sell Bid Was $ 3500

TOA Pearler Japan W/ Boots & Dress

Manufactured In the 50s or 60s

Seller Did Not Sell Bid Was $2025.

0606002145.jpg (22829 bytes)

C.E. Hienke England

Bonnet only no Breast Plate

Sold 06-06-00 $2145.

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All of the photos seen above were captured from an online auction. If I have a helmet published here that you own and you would prefer that it not be published on this page. Please e-mail me and I will remove it from this listing. -Richard