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My Collection


This is my latest creation. I started with a Chinese TF12 helmet and converted it to a Bob Kirby style helmet in my back yard shop. The castings for the Lights and the air/comm. inlet block were made from Kirby's patterns. The machine work, plexiglas lights and soldering were all done by me. The hat has great visibility and is very quiet. It is a pleasure to dive this hat.

This is another Chinese TF12 helmet. This is what the Kirby Hat above started life as. I plan to rework this one in the future maybe a square faceplate, I haven't decided yet.

This is my 1947 Morse shallow water helmet. It was a basket case when I got it and I restored it to its original condition. this hat is my favorite helmet to dive. Hook up the air, Put it on your head and get in the water.


I own a couple of other helmets but they are in the shop right now. I'll post them when they are finished.


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