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This is the fan fiction series "The Dark Jurai" (Japanese title =Jurai of Darkness) by Timothy Turner. (Tenchi Muyo is copyright AIC / Pioneer. I do not claim the characters in any way. This is for entertainment only and not money. A college kid has no money to give to suing companies. So there!) Anyways, on to the intro.

This series occurs after Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness (Midsummer's Eve). The Tenchi gang is back to its "normal" activities with the baby Mayuka added to the family. Katsuhito Masaki, caretaker of the Masaki shrine, is making plans to build a small shrine near Funaho. Upon examining Funaho's roots, Tenchi finds a box filled with interesting artifacts. But to Tenchi's disappointment, the inscriptions on the artifacts are in the Jurai language. Tenchi learns from Katsuhito (a.k.a. - Yosho) they are Dark Jurai martial arts artifacts. And that Yuzuha wasn't the only Dark Jurai! And that the Jurai and Dark Jurai have their own unique martial arts training.

Katsuhito also tells Tenchi that he will train him in the Jurai martial arts in due time, but Tenchi doesn't want to wait! Upset that he doesn't know the Jurai martial arts (light or dark) or the Jurai language, Tenchi becomes frustrated that the cards are not dealt right in his favor. But Washu offers Tenchi a chance he can't resist, even though there is risk involved. Will Tenchi take it?

Ryoko has an apocalyptic dream. Kiyone and Mihoshi are called to Galaxy Police headquarters on short notice. And Jurai guards come to take Princesses Ayeka and Sasami to a secure but undisclosed location. What is happening? Why is everyone leaving? Find out in "Tenchi Muyo: The Dark Jurai" !

Note: This is a fan fiction plotline based on the Tenchi Muyo OAV series and other Tenchi universes (thus Kiyone). The plotline and elements are mainly OAV based. Lu Aolong Shulei and Jurai Ankoku-ou and are my idea.

Retirement is over..

Dear readers,

I have returned after more than a year of retirement. I am deeply sorry that I have not informed you of my change of email address. I have had a long struggle with disabling obsessive-compulsive disorder and I have not concentrated on my website. My new email is Today I give you Chapter 21 of the Dark Jurai.

Tim Turner

If any of you don't know, I've changed my email address to My AIM is InuYashaGT500.

No Need For Extra Challenges. SCRAPPED (...maybe not).

For those of you who just discovered the fic or need another run-down on it, here's the deal. No Need for Extra Challenges (NNFEC) focuses on the short amount of time after the second OAV and serves as kind of a prequel to "The Dark Jurai" because some things that happened in NNFEC are mentioned in The Dark Jurai. It mainly deals with Tokimi going after Washu and small things like that. I'll probably add something else to make NNFEC different from the third OAV and other post OAV 13 stories. Here's how I plan NNFEC:

One chapter of peace time before the battles begin.

A fairly abrupt end to the peace in chapter 2. And Kiyone shows up.

The battles carry out until who knows when.

And I do plan to have an epilogue to The Dark Jurai along with some post Dark Jurai series.

Keep enjoying the fic!

Please visit The Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive and vote for my work (voting booth for fiction is currently down).

Timothy Turner

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The Dark Jurai Chapter 1 - "A New Adventure Beginning"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 2 - "Ryoko's Dream...Earth Destroyed!

The Dark Jurai Chapter 3 - "Plan and Preparation"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 4 - "Little Time to Prepare"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 5 - "Midpoint of Efforts"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 6 - "Last Moments of Peace"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 7 - "Beginning of Bloodshed"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 8 - "Arrival and Terror at Sakou"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 9 - "Decisions...What to Do Next"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 10 - "Assault on GP Headquarters"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 11 - "To Shulei!"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 12 - "Empowered Escape"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 13 - "First Encounter on Shulei"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 14 - "Reluctant Alliance"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 15 - "For the Best of Both Realms"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 16 - "Between Master and Pupil"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 17 - "Escape From Shulei"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 18 - "Reunion and a Twist"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 19 - "Mitsuki's Return to the Past"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 20 - "Ayeka's Struggle: A Beautiful Heart Torn"

The Dark Jurai Chapter 21 - "Getting the Bearings Straight"

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