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RC-2012 Rodeo Team The college was established in 1926 and by an act of the Forty-First Legislature, was validated and incorporated as a part of the public school system of Texas in 1929. It shared space with Ranger High School until 1948 when the college purchased six buildings from Army bases that were closed after World War II. The buildings were moved to the campus of the old Cooper School which housed the college administrative office as well as classrooms. On August 18, 1950, the Board of Education voted to separate the Junior College and the public schools. The College is governed by a Board of Regents and on August 26, 1993, Ranger Junior College changed its name to Ranger College. It is one of the oldest public two-year colleges in continuous operation in Texas. In 1960, a new men's dormitory was built. A new administration, classroom and science building complex, new gymnasium, and football stadium were completed in 1964. With expanding enrollment, the West Texas Clinic building, Paramount hotel, and Joseph apartment building were used as dormitories. The National Guard armory was purchased in 1968 and converted into a student center and cafeteria. In 1972, the new library building was completed and in 1991, the building that had formerly housed Ranger General Hospital was added to the school's physical facilities. Two new dormitories have been added recently. In 1991, the girl's dance team "The Southern Belles," was added and has rapidly earned recognition for the quality of its performances. Ranger College has earned a reputation over the years with its excellent athletic programs. It boasts of national championships won in baseball and football with contenders almost each year in track and lady's softball. During 2001-2002, Ranger College celebrated its 75th Anniversary. Ranger College uses the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society to recognize the academic achievement among two-year college students. First President of the College was Dr. G.C. Boswell. Other individuals serving as President are: W.W. Smith, R.N. Cluck, Dr. Price R. Ashton, Dr. Theodore Nicksick, Jr., Dr. W.W. Mince, Dr. Jack M. Elsom, and Dr. Joe Mills. RJC 1934 Football team RJC-1934 Football team RJC 1947 Graduation Class RJC-1947 Graduation Class Class rosters Deceased alumni CPT program at RJC Ranger College Song RJC Reunions RC Reunion in 2014 RJC Coach Butler birthday in 2022 RJC Get-together picnic in 2023 Ranger College website