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RJC Alumni lunch get-together in 2023 RJC Get-together in 2023 Held at the RC cafeteria on Nov.17, 2023 at 12:00pm. Enlarge RJC Get-together picnic in 2023 RJC Coach Butler birthday in 2022 RC Reunion in 2014 RJC Reunion in 2005 RJC Reunion in 2005 RJC Reunion held in Ranger October 8, 2005. BACK: Tom Sutton, Johnny Swinney, Dan Mitchell, Pete Tibbels, Loyd Trubenbach, and Bill Calvert. MIDDLE: Barbara (Mauldin) Chapo, Beth (Grace) Calvert, Mary Lou Wright, Charles Wayne Smith, Charles "Toad" Tibbels. FRONT (L-R): Betty (Fletcher) Swinney, Jackie (Cornelison) Rozell, Doris "Porky" (Nabers) Henderson, Donna (Blackwell) Bell.

Those who attended were: Charles and Betty Tibbels, Donna Bell, Tomas and Socorro Sutton, Pete Tibbels, Johnny and Betty Swinney, Bill and Beth Calvert, Teddy and Porky Henderson, Charles Wayne Smith and Mary Jack Glenn, Mary Lou Wright, Barbara (Nichols) McPherson, Loyd and Gwen Trubenbach, "A" and Jackie Rozell, Dan Mitchell and Joan House, Barbara and Jim Chapo. Two visited briefly, Freddie Cooper and Jimmie May (Miller) Galbreath. RJC Reunion in 2004 RJC Reunion in 2004 RJC Reunion in Ranger, Oct. 2, 2004 at the Community Hall Third row: (1957-1958) Dick Maxwell; 1956-1958; Don Wiggins, Tom Sutton, Gilbert "Butch" Kalinec, Jackie Cornelison Rozell, Betty Wells Swinney, Donna Blackwell Bell, Doris "Porky" Nabers Henderson, and Ted Henderson. Second row: (1957-1959) Leon Walker, Pete Tibbels, Marvin Crawford, Gerald Cross, Barbara Mauldin Chapo; 1956-1958; Mary Lou Wright, Beth Grace Calvert, and Sonja Irwin Clayton. Front row: (1959-1960) Johnny Swinney, Jimmy D. Brock, Coach Gene "Duke" Babb, Fred Winneborn, and James McElroy. RJC Reunion in 2004 RJC alumi: Marvin Crawfrod, Butch Kalinec, Gerald Cross, Leon Walker, Teddy Henderson, and Linda Maxwell. RJC Reunion in 2004 RJC alumni (1956 to 1960) at College Library Back two rows: Jimmy Brock, Charles "Toad" Tibbels, Dick Maxwell, Coach Gene Babb, Johnny Swinney, Marvin Crawford, Gilbert "Butch" Kalinec, and Harris "Pete" Tibbels. Third row: Barbara Mauldin Chapo, Leon Walker, Bill Calvert, Gerald Cross and Don Wiggins. Second row: Fred Wendeborn, Betty Wells Fletcher Swinney, Beth Grace Calvert, and Jackie Cornelison Rozell. Front row; Mary Lou Wright, Sonja Irwin Clayton, Doris "Porky" Nabers Henderson, and Donna Blackwell Bell. Not pictured, also attended reunion: Jim and Kay Baccus, Barbara Brock, "A" Rozell, Betty Tibbels, Kay Tibbels, Jim Chapo, Socorro Sutton, Linda Maxwell, Carolyn McElroy, Marcye Walker, and Jeanell Wendeborn. RJC Reunion in 2003 RJC Reunion on Oct. 25, 2003 In a brief meeting after the delicious evening BarBQ meal, we decided to have a reunion next year, possibly in early October. We will seek to find out the college football homecoming game, and see if we can work to two events into one weekend. We will contact you, probably in the Spring of 2004, when the college knows it's schedule, as to what date to have the reunion on. We hope to make some added things for the program, entertainment, etc. Our committee for this reunion, consisted of Donna Blackwell Bell, class of 1956-58, myself- class of 1957-59, and Fred Tucker- class of 1958-60. Next year, we have a few wonderful helpers, alongside us, will be Beth Grace Calvert, Mary Lou Wright, and Charles & Kay Tibbels. The short business meeting ended with the old routine cheer, "Give me an R! A! N! G! E! R!" and everyone remembered to echo it! Yea!!!!!!!!!! Barbara Mauldin Chapo (jandbchapo@mindspring.com) ATTENDED RJC REUNION; OCT. 25, 2003 *Former Student RJC Class of 1956 *Carrol Holley & Kay *Dan Mitchell & Joan House *Charles “Dogie” Smith & Juanell *Tom Sutton *Alton Williams, Judy *Thelma (Edwards) Hilliard *Harris “Pete” & Kay Tibbels RJC Class of 1956-1958 *Jim Baccus *Donna (Blackwell) Bell *Robert Brockman & Marilyn *Bill & *Beth (Grace) Calvert *Louis & Stephanie Caveness *Sonja (Irwin) Clayton Ben & *Betty (Brockman) Daws *Ted (’56-7) & *“Porky” (Nabers) Henderson *Gilbert “Butch” Kalinec *Barbara (Nichols) McPherson & *Jackie (Cornelison) Rozell *Charles “Dogie” Smith & Juanell *Charlotte (Clark) Stinebaugh *Mary Lou Wright RJC Class of 1957-1959 *Barbara (Mauldin) & Jim Chapo *Charles “Toad” & Betty Tibbels RJC Class of 1958-1960 *Jim & Barbara Brock *Wilma Edwards *Dean Faulkenberry *Drayton “Headen” & *“G” Headen *Jim Knickerbocker *James & Carolyn McElroy *Carole Sanders *Glenda “Cindi” Smith & granddaughter *Fred & Jackie Tucker RJC FACULTY *Coach Jim & Jeanene Puryear Total Attendance at Ranger Community Hall: 51 Former Classmates, Faculty attended Reunion: 35