Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools Ranger College Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) Class at RJC in 1938-40

CPT Class at RJC CPT Class at RJC: Mellenger Jacoby (#2 on back row), (enlarge) Mr. W.T. Walton (#3 on back row), President of RJC and Supt of RPS., Tommy Strong (#4 on back row). Front row (L-R): James "Squirt" Brown (#3), Hugh Moore (#8) Also pictured are Rankin Britt, Keith McLaughlin, & T.C. Weaver. The first Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) course at RJC was in 1940 and had 10 students: Willard Balch, Jack Bishop, Bill Barlow, Bob Earnest, Ardell Kirk, Hugh Moore, Keith McLaughlin, Floyd Russell, Thomas Strong, and Tommy Smith. Garlan Montgomery was added to replace Bill Barlow. The instructors were: Prof Lloyd Cherry and Merle W. "Slim" Hunter, CFI. Instructors for the summer course were: Norman Bedgood from Tyler and Bob Myers.