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(S. Omar Barker) Verse 1: In the cedar hills of Texas Where the longhorns used to roam Stands a friendly western college That we love to call our home Its full of Texas spirit And its rich in cowboy lore The happy days we’ve spent here We’ll remember evermore! Verse 2: You will find a lot of colleges From the Pecos to the Brazos From the Red down to the coast But none to match our boast: That we’re the worthy namesakes Of the Texas Ranger Crew Those tall men in the saddle Whose faith brought the Lone Star through. Verse3: In the pleasant halls of Ranger Every boy’s a cowboy bold! All the girls are pretty cowgals And they will be ‘til they’re old! There are mav’ricks in our herd We wear the Ranger Brand! We are the sons and daughters Of a rawhide Ranger Land! Chorus: Raise a cheer for dear old Ranger In the dear old lone star state Where there’s lots of room for friendship And no room at all for hate When the years have wrought their changes, When our days fade into night, We will still remember Ranger and the purple and the white. Note: In 1947, having no prior school song, then Ranger Junior College requested famed Western poet S. Omar Barker to write an "alma mater" song for the school and in 1948 he sent the above song in reply to that request. He wrote the words to go with the melody of a previously [patented] written song. That melody is still used today but the original title is not known. He requested, because of rhyming pattern, that no changes to the words be made or if made, that he be notified. No changes have been made except that “junior” was removed from between western and college in the third line of the first verse and “friendly” was added to keep the rhythm as close as possible. This was done when Ranger Junior College became Ranger College. (Song & information courtesy of Polly Alexander)