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Ocarina Section
Bomber's Notebook

Clock Town

Beginning: After the opening scene, you start out in a newly discovered part of the lost woods on your search for Navi. Just walk forward and hop up all of the tree stumps. Skull Kid will then turn you into a Deku Scrub. Go open the door for Tatl and walk down the passageway. Tatl will then join you. Follow Tatl's instructions about the Deku Flower. When you land on the platform, go through the door. Fly off to the right using the Deku Flowers. First go off to the left, in order to get the Deku Nuts. Then fly of to the left, while facing the entrance, a few times until you get to the exit, then enter the Clock Tower. Go up to the door and then talk to the mask salesman.
Clock Town: After you come out of the Clock tower, you are in South Clocktown. you should start out by going off to your right a little and head strait up the stairs. You are now in the Laundry Pool. If you go strait and left, you will see a little glowing flying thing. This is a fairy. Catch it and then go to North Clocktown. Go up the ramps that are on your left. go into the hole and give the Great Fairy her last piece. She will then give you magic power. Next you need to get the Bombers Notebook. You have to do the first step of this in order to retrieve “the precious item that was stolen from you.” Go to north clock town and, with your new magic power, blow a bubble and shoot the balloon that the little kid was trying to pop. after you talk to him, he will challenge you to find all 5 Bombers before sunrise. Here’s how you do it. There are 2 in north clock town. The first is near the Fairy’s Fountain. The second is behind the pillars on the opposite side.

Note: If you have trouble catching them, you can shoot them and it will temporarily stun them.

There is one in West Clocktown. he is on the northern side of town out in the middle of a large area. the last 2 are in east Clocktown and they are the hardest to catch. one is to the right of a deku flower near the treasure chest shop. you have to fly onto the nearest straw roof and chase the Bomber. The second is near the mayors office. go up the steps of to the right of where the child guard wont let you in. he is on the roof again. a trick i use to catch this guy easily is to spin right before you jump off. you will practically land right on top of him. after that he will give you the code to give to the child guard. go down the hall, hop across all of the water strait in front of you. when you get to the end, take a left but make sure no to get attacked by the skulltula. when you get to the next room, pop the balloon wit a bubble and go up the ladder and stairs. when you get up to the top, talk to the old dude and look through his telescope. when you look on top of the clock tower, skull kid will shake his butt at you and a stone will pop out of the moon’s eye. go out the door of the observatory and pick it up. ones you obtain it, go back to South Clocktown. try and walk over the yellow deku flower in front of you. when the dude comes down, talk to him and give him the Moon’s Tear. He will give you the title deed “Deku Flower included". Fly up to the clock tower and wait until it opens. Go in and spit at the Skull Kid. He'll drop the Ocarina. Then play the Song Of Time and go back in time.
This is the end of the first section of the walkthrough. Please press next to go to the next section, “Southern Swamp.”

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