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Ocarina Section

Bomber's Notebook

If it says to get a certain mask and you don't know how to do that, click here for a list of the masks and how to get them
Other details to the Bomber's Notebood might be found in the Walkthroughs

Notebook Entry
How to complete it.
Bombers Get the Bombers Notebook.
Toilet Hand Get a piece of paper (title deed) and go to the Stock Pot Inn's Bathroom under the stairs. At midnight, give it the piece of paper and you'll get a heart piece.
Guru-Guru Get the Bremen Mask.
Grog Get the Bunny Hood
Kamaro Get Kamaro's Mask
Rosa Sisters Show them Kamaro's Dance when they are in West Clock Town at night.
Romani Save the ranch from Ghosts on the first day by blowing up the rock with a powder keg.
Cremia Get Romani's Mask
Gorman Brothers Get Garo's Mask
Shiro Get Stone Mask
Old Bomb Shop Lady Get the Blast Mask
Curiosity Shop Guy-First Part- Get the All-Night Mask
Anju's Grandmother Get the All-Night Mask and then listen to her stories wearing the mask. When she asks you the question for the first story, answer "On the Eve of the Carnival." For the second, answer "I dunno."
Toto Get the Circus Leader's Mask
Gorman Get the Circus Leader's Mask

All of the Notebook Entries below are part of the "Uniting Anju and Kafei" section and they link to the same place.

Madame Aroma Click here
Anju Click here
Kafei Click here
Postman Click here
Curiosity Shop Guy- Second Part- Click here
Mr. Dotour-The Mayor- Click here

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