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Ocarina Section
Bomber's Notebook


You should not have the Zora mask yet. When you spot the Zora, drag him close to the shore, then keep him in the water close to the shore and put on the Goron mask. Pick him up, then you should have him in the air holding him. Then put on the shore towels then he will disappear. Walk on the shore and keep an eye on the action icon until it says "speak," press A.
Submitted by DMX SK8TOR

Go to the rock blocking Sakons Hideout, facing towards it there will be two cracks on either side. In the right side will be a small space that Link can walk into a bit but will just pop back out of, instead roll into it! You should either enter the hideout or fall into nothingness. The rolling part works best with the Goron Mask.
Submitted by Jess - ConstRemington

An addition to above glitch: When you do this, you should have gone through the Anju and Kafei sequence up to this point. Step on the switch wearing the bunny hood, and then, while you are Kafei, press start and then switch the bunny hood to the Fierce Diety's Mask. When you are Link again, you will be Fierce Diety. You can play as him until you restart your game. Just do not go into Clock Town or you won't be able to get out. The same goes for The Stock Pot Inn.
Submitted by SpikeMunky

With the Zora Mask on, Go to the place where there are lots of Zora's, now play a note in front of the Zora near the speaker that looks like a horn, after the Zora talks to you when you play the note, take off the zora mask immediatly, and take out your ocarina and play it. It should sound like the guitar the Zora plays.
Submitted by Pokechu132

Go to the dog in South Clocktown. Z-Target it and pull out your sword and sheild. While holding up your sheild get close to the dog so the actoin icon will say "Grab". Then press A but instead of grabbing the dog Link will put up his sword and you shouldn't be able to move. No matter how far away the dog goes, even out of Z targeting range, let go of Z. You'll automatically be holding the dog.
Submitted by SUPER SAIYAN1536

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