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Ocarina Section
Bomber's Notebook


This is the page for the 5 main bosses. 4 of them are the bosses of the temples. The last one is Majora's Mask itself. Here goes.

Woodfall Temple Boss - Odolwa -
Z-Target him from far away and hit him with arrows when he is not moving much. When he makes his bees attack you, throw a bomb and run. Try to make the bomb near Odolwa so that he takes a hit. Don't waste ammo!!!

Snowhead Temple Boss - Goht -
Shoot the ice with a fire arrow. when he starts rampaging, roll up as a Goron and chase him. After a while, he'll start dropping bombs. The green bottles are magic power. Don't worry about wasting them, as they regenerate automatically.

Great Bay Temple Boss - Gyorg -
This is, in my opinion, the most diffucult boss of them all. You have to either shoot it with arrows or Maiandra GDs when it jumps over you. when it falls in the water, use your Zora shield to hurt it. The fish that it sends to kill you can be killed by your shield also. There are green magic bottles at the bottom if you need them.

Stone Tower Temple Boss - Twinmold -
This guy is pretty easy, if you have the Giant's Mask and some Chateau Romani, since you'll be needing magic power. All you have to do is hit it's head or tail repeatedly until the first one dies. Then do it again for the second.

Final Boss - Majora's Mask -
The easiest way to defeat this guy is to collect all but one mask (29) and go through all of the moon's mini-dungeons. Then you'll get the Fierce Deity's Mask. Then all you have to do is Z-Target Majora's Mask and press B to shoot laser beams at him. You can kill him in 2 minutes. Use the mask guide here to get all of the masks.

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