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Welcome to "My Wife And Kids: The Unofficial Website". Here you will find everything and anything to do with the new hit ABC sitcom "My Wife And Kids". The purpose of this site is to give the fans insight on the show and to answer any questions you might have about the show by looking at interviews, merchandise, press-kits, photos, and articles regarding to the series. More than anything else, though...I hope you enjoy the site.

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MARCH 23RD, 2002

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Well It's been a very long time but I am bringing the UMW&KWS back from the dead with new updates weekly starting now. It's been about 10 months since the last update so I have alot of work to do. First off I do have some old news that might be new to some of you. My WIfe and Kids has been renewed by ABC for a full third season with atleast 24 new episodes. This was announced by ABC back in January but congratulations to MW&K for keeping up with it's laughs!

More news is that as I mentioned a long time ago last year, ABC produced 12 full episodes for season 1 but only aired 11 of those episodes. It has been discovered that the 12th episode was pulled by ABC due to content surrounding the character of Junior in the episode. It was shelved and to this day has not been aired. It features the original actress that portrayed Claire and if ABC airs it they would most likely have to re-film some scenes or sell it along with a syndication package if the show ever gets syndicated.

That's all that I have for updates this week so keep checking back to the site for any more news on My Wife and Kids.


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