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March 23rd, 2001

MARCH 16TH, 2002

Well we have some interesting news as Hollywood seems to admire MW&K enough to bring some oldschool advertisements for a re-release of ET into our loveable show. Universal and ABC has come up with a new way to advertise films, insert references to the film in TV shows.

On Wednesday, March 20, ABC will feature references and homages to Steven Spielberg's "E.T." in that nights episode "Working Relationship" where Janet starts working for Michael at his business and starts to mess up his everyday routine.

It's not a coincidence that the film's 20th anniversary re-release hits theaters two days later. The network and Universal, who distributes the film, signed a deal to incorporate "E.T." into the show's plot. "The reason that this is possible is that 'E.T.' is such a known and beloved icon," Universal Pictures Vice Chairman Marc Shmuger tells The Hollywood Reporter. "There's this sort of common cultural reference point. It's such a unique property as a movie." Shmuger adds that the studio has been looking for ways to stand out on TV's "cluttered" ad space with fresh approaches to marketing. In the episode, Michael Kyle's (Damon Wayan) youngest daughter, Kady (Parker McKenna Posey), flies across the night sky on her bicycle as Elliott (Henry Thomas) did in "E.T." "My Wife and Kids" was chosen by Universal because of the fact that it's a family comedy that is watching by a demographically diverse audience, says Shmuger. "So it's doubly attractive to us." The amount Universal paid to have the reference inserted in the episode was not released. The studio also purchased a single 15-second ad for the film that will air during the episode.

MAY 15TH, 2001

May Sweeps is over! And I have some news. Apparently there was not 13 episodes as I was told. There was 12 produced. Only 11 have aired. I don't know why ABC hasn't aired the other episode but they should pretty soon. More on that later.

ABC will order 22 episodes of My Wife and Kids for the 2001-2002 Fall season. It will air in the same time slot next season at 8 PM followed by the new show "The Dad" which stars Jim Belushi as a father of 3 children who is also a child on his own in a way. I am looking forward to that show! And followed by that will be "The Drew Carey Show" which anchors the Wednesday night time slot. Finally "The Job" will return to finish the night. ABC is planning to call Wednesday "D-DAY" with (D)AMON, THE (D)AD, (D)REW, and (D)ENIS.

Well production will probably start some time this summer. Stay tuned to the site for any upcoming news.

MAY 6TH, 2001

"Holy Crap!" You say as the page slowly downloads, "I think he's never going to update the page ever again!" but then to your surprise I have...that's right I haven't forgotten, I've just been damn busy. Anyhow some news...coming slow but sure. It looks good for "My Wife and Kids". Season 2 is confirmed. ABC is discussing it and the first episode of May Sweeps done fairly well, even though the ratings did dip a little bit. "A little Romance" guest starred Damon Wayans real life brother Keenen Ivory Wayans as a womanizer uncle who dates...tramps...and according to the neilsons 8.4 million viewers were watching. Anyhow more on the renewal. ABC expects 22-25 new episodes next season depending on how well the last 3 episodes do in May sweeps.

And about the promises I made on this getting the episodes done. Well I have watched the next few and gathered everything, I just have to get the nerve up to type it. Also I have received the press kit which was kind of a dissapointment. It had no episode synopsis's...which sucks. So all I can give you for upcoming episode is the next one's title "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" and I haven't found out the title for the following one but it has Grampa coming to visit, according to a source. But take that with a grain of salt.

Also if you're in Canada check out the newest issue of TV Magazine: The cover story is about "My Wife and Kids" and an interview with Damon Wayans!

Until next time. Have a g'night!

APRIL 17th, 2001

Hi! So sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy. Okay first things first, I finally got the site on Yahoo...and on IMDB. I got new ratings on the ratings page for the last two episodes. I also added the 3 newest Upcoming episodes.

How come you guys haven't visited the message board? I see you have been visiting, why not stop by and post?

Check out the new: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Page. And if you have any questions that you might want to have answered then email me. My email address is at the bottom of the page.

That's all I got new on the site. The press kit will be here at the end of the week and the episode guides will be done on the weekend. All of the 8 aired episodes anyway. Tomorrow two more episodes air on ABC...and then just three short weeks until the final episode. And then we'll know in May if ABC decides oficially to keep the show for a second season. If you want to make sure they help the decision along by writing a letter to ABC then write here:

500 S. Beuna Vista St.
Burbank CA 91521

Stayed tuned to the site I'll have all 13 episode synopis's on here very soon. Later.

APRIL 9th, 2001

Well as you may notice I haven't updated the site in three days, but that's not for lack of trying. I have been at work and they have been very unusal hours. Anyway I did get to add a few things...even if they are minor.

I have added a 4th article to theMiscellanous section. And expect more things to come into that section, that's the section I want to try and concentrate on most of this site.

The only other thing I got to add was nothing significant except the Damon Cast Biography and you may probably notice that it was takenly directly from the ABC site...for now anyway until I get more time to write a more informative and in depth biography for him. But I did include something not on the ABC site--a little info on Damon's cancelled show Damon

Well that's it for now but I do have a little information about the show. This Wednesday-April 11th,2001 two new episodes will air on ABC. The first titled "Working It" will have Junior failing on his report card so he forges an 'A' to trick his parents into thinking he's at the top of the class...only Michael is onto his scheme and plans to rub it in with his humorous ways. The second episode of the night will be called "Scratching and Sniffing" and will have a bit of a continuation from the previous episode...Michael hires a tutor for junior who is a very attractive woman...which is very distracting for Junior's studies.

Stayed tuned to the site I'll have all 13 episode synopis's on here very soon. Later.

APRIL 6th, 2001

Welcome back! This is the third day of the site and look how much I've accomplished. I have added an Episode Guide Legacy to the site. I have been improving the board a bit...I added an EZ board as opposed to the other one which I found a bit too "shabby". I also added an About The Show part of the, telling about a brief history of the show. I also added a bit more to the Pilot episode guide...just a little few more Behind the scenes info and a few more quotes, and a Michael insult of the week is coming as well.

I have also been think of adding a Frequently Asked Questions section to the site but you'll have to send me the frequently asked questions, and also what you woul like to see added to the site...I'll add questions and answers and later on put it on the site. My email address is at the bottom of the page, just clcik on the address and if you have outlook express it will come up automatically.

I have no new show news today...nothing seems to be coming in right yet but keep visiting back and we'll have something shortly.

April 5th, 2001

Season 2. Ratings continue..and site updates..

Well it's the second day since the site has been up and updates are extreme, I am glad I'm having so much time to do this right now...hopefully it will continue. I have added the ratings for the first four episodes of "My Wife and Kids" and I added an episode capsule for The Pilot episode. I also addes a great new MESSAGE BOARD and posted a welcome message...hope you enjoy that part of the site. I am still working on transcripting the interviews from tv spots that the starts of the show have done, it's harder than I thought. If any of you have any magazine articles you can send me that would be appreciated or any additional information that might need mentioning on the site about the show then that would be perfect. Oh and one more thing for updates...I added an about me page for those of you who may be bored.

Now for series news for the day. Two new very funny episodes aired last night...and ABC has registered the site "" according to "" until May, 2002. I guess theres only one thing that this can mean, they are already planning a season 2 of the show. This is not confirmed yet but what else could it possibly mean?

APRIL 4th, 2001

Well it's the launch of this new site...and I am working on getting it up on the search engines and putting the first bits and pieces of info on the site. Expect a very in depth episode guide to be coming along...but first expect cast/character bios, articles, and press kit information. I am also trying to get a message board on here but for now you'll have to use the board at

Also the index page will be the basis for updates and news...and as for news today, well yesterday Tisha Campbell appeared on Rosie' O'Donnell and apparently she's expecting in a few months. There was a clip for "My Wife and Kids" and today April 4th, 2001, Tisha appeared on "Live with Regis and Kelly", and Damon Wayans appeared on "The View" read what they had to say and get information on how you can watch this then check out the Articles & Interviews section of the site. Also there you could find possible upcmoing interviews.

Well I am proud to announce to you that "My Wife and Kids" dominated the Wednesday time slot for it's premiere episode...since the commercial for the pilot episode was preveiwed during the 73rd Oscars, and there were 800,000,000 viewers that probably helped a bit =). Check out the ratings on the Ratings page.

Not really much more today on the news front except that tonight two new episodes will be airing back to back, just like last turn on tune in and then check back to the sight for any new information. See ya until the next update!