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Articles & Interviews

Welcome to the Articles and Interviews portion of the site. In this section I will post a transcript of every interview that "My Wife and Kids" cast members have on talk shows regarding the series. Also If I come accross any articles in magazines or any additional information that would relate to this seciton I will post it or possible scan it once I get my scanner.

If you are looking for viewings of these interviews then you could look on this site if I report any reruns of the talk shows they originally appeared on...but other than that you'd have to contact me...I have them on tape along with the episodes but I don't want to sell them for profit...but I can't give them away for free either. If you'd like, you'd have to send me a blank tape and pay for the shipping and handling to get the interviews/episodes.

Interview: Tisha Campbell on Rosie O'DOnnell April 3rd 2001

Read a transcript with Tisha Campbell and Rosie O'Donnell about her life and her new show "My Wife and Kids".

Interview: Tisha Campbell on Live With Regis and Kelly April 4th, 2001

Read an interview with Tisha Campbell talking with Regis and Kelly about things going on with her career/life and also her new show.

Interview: Damon Wayans appears on THE VIEW on April 4th, 2001.

Damon talks about his own family and the family on his new sitcom "My Wife and Kids".

As of April 5th, 2001 There are currently no upcoming interviews for the cast of "My Wife and Kids"...keep checking back for updates. If you have any information on any upcoming appearances of the cast or crew of "My Wife and Kids" please feel free to contact me at