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If you're bored and you wanted to know a little bit more about me and this website then maybe this portion of the site is what you'll find interesting...or maybe it will bore the heck out of you..but nonetheless I'm taking the time to type it.

Well first of all my full name Is Matt Tidd...I was born March 29, 1982 and my interests are Horror movies, cult movies, comedy, and tv series. My all-time favorite shows are : Sliders, Quantum Leap, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Johnny Bago, Early Edition, and My Wife and Kids.

Out of all of those series why did I choode "My Wife and Kids"? Well to give me something to do...and since the other shows are all cancelled and have many websites and I have alot of info about My Wife and Kids and I love Damon Wayans acting...well I thought I'd make a site for everybody to enjoy and to look at...after all "My Wife and Kids" may never have an an informative site like this one...

I decided to take the show, examine it, analyze it...and put every possible notion of information about it into a site for all to remember and to never forget...hopefully the show will not get cancelled for awhile but if it does then a site like this will carry it into the internet forever! =)

Anyway what else can I say about myself? I work as a customer service rep for The Shopping Channel. I hate it. I am so sick of saying "Welcome to the shopping channel, Matt speaking how may I help You?" 1000 times a day. I recently purchased a Sony camcorder and am planning to go to film school in which I was accepted recently...I want to break into the industry. It's only a dream so far but I want to write for tv and movies or atleast have something to do with entertainment...

Some other things I like to do besides design webpages and film are collect movies...I have a huge collection of movies, mainly horror, I am a big 80's horror fan and 80's comedy fan. I also collect Cd's, I have a huge collection of comics and some cards, and books.

I love to draw and write...I write alot of short stories...uh..maybe some day I'll put them on the net. I draw my own comic series called "Team Virtue" a super hero comic book...and I have a serial short story going called "The Time Trial of Horror" which is a comedy/scifi/horror blend of story-telling. It's about three people trapped in time chasing a killer...

Anyway enough about go back and visit the rest of the site. Talk to ya's later on the bbaord.