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Amy B.

The One in the Middle Catches the Armadillo

A ruthless armadillo invades the Greene ranch and the Cartwrights decide Hoss should be the one to catch it.


The Sleepless Night

Little Joe has trouble sleeping so he wakes his oldest brother to see what he should do.



Home Again

A bizarre accident leads one boy and his father on a journey home again.


Becky S.

A Rare Courage

After an Indian attack, the family begins to wonder if Adam has been irrevocably changed by his time in the East.


Fields of White

Just turned sixteen, Joe must bear the responsibilities of a man in order to help his oldest brother stay alive.


The Haircut

It all started with Pa's "ordinary request" . . .


BJ Carter

Lost Lamb

Little Joe runs away while Pa is on a trip, but Adam is the one who learns a lesson.


The Morning After

The boys find out how spiked punch can mess up your life, and Pa deals with his older sons' newfound knowledge about hangovers.


Eligible Bachelor

The ladies in town feel Ben has been single long enough and the boys want to help Pa.


High Stakes Poker

Hop Sing's secret affects the whole Cartwright family.


Joe's Day

Joe takes the day off.


Behind Bars

One Cartwright ends up behind bars, innocent of course . . . well at least the second time. Who or what gets him out?


The Baker Girls

Adam requests to meet Ms. Lesley Baker's three daughters. After a while it seems maybe they should have stayed away.


Right From Wrong

Joe gets in over his head with a group of wild boys and must decide right from wrong.


Thanksgiving in California

The Cartwrights travel to California to spend Thanksgiving with the Baker Girls.


Christmas at the Ponderosa

The Baker Girls are coming to town.


Adventure in San Francisco

The four Cartwrights are visiting the Baker Girls in San Francisco. What could possibly go wrong?


Back to Size

Teenage Little Joe is out of control - what will Ben do?


The Secret

Little Joe is on the naughty list.


Chris Freeburn

Jack's Son

A case of mistaken identity leads to trouble for the Cartwrights and Jack Wolf.



New Traditions

Little Joe faces his first holiday season without his ma.


One Day

Little Joe dreams of one day seeing the ocean, and perhaps a dolphin.


To Hold in Trust

Joe learns the importance of respect, of family, and of the responsibility they have to the land.


To Be Fair

Adam shares a memory with Little Joe of a lesson in honesty.



Fallen Angel

Joe's escapade at Jack's place leads Adam to a confrontation with a girl from his past.


Little Lady in Red

How much trouble for the Cartwright boys can one little gal cause?


Seeing Red

In this sequel to "Little Lady in Red," Red is at the root of a whole new round of trouble for the Cartwright boys.


Rolling Up the Red Carpet

The third story in the series about the Cartwright boys and a little gal named Red. Red's mother shows up and sets her sights on Ben.



There's Something Fishy Going On

The Cartwrights remember Marie on April Fool's Day.


A Note of Thanks

Adam's mood seems to change overnight and Ben tries to solve the mystery of why.


The Composition

In this sequel to "A Note of Thanks," Adam wants to compose music. The inspiration of home and family helps him realize his dream.


In the Clouds

Ben entertains his sons and Hop Sing with stories of a tradition he shared with all three of his wives.


A Leopard's Spots

Adam wants to help a friend on New Year's Eve, but Pa is reluctant to give his consent to something he considers too dangerous.


No Matter What the Circumstances

Adam enlists the people of Eagle Station to help him search for a very ill Little Joe, reviving memories of a search he'd rather forget.


That Cartwright Charm

Shelby receives an unexpected treat from the Cartwright family.


Words and Deeds

Adam finds a special way to repay his brothers for a good deed. And Ben shares a special memory with Adam.


Gail G.

Mashed Potatoes Anyone?

Who is to blame when a food fight starts at the Cartwright house?


Girls Girls Girls

Jack Wolf puts on a show for Eagle Station. How do the Cartwright boys become involved?


How to Become a Pistol Pro

When Joe obtains a book telling him how to use a pistol, he searches for help from one of his brothers.


The New Teacher

When Eagle Station's teacher is injured, who will they find to take her place?


Tomorrow is Another Day

Adam is having a bad day and can't wait until tomorrow.


Congratulations, It's a Girl . . . Or Two?

When two young girls join the Cartwright household, the family is turned upside down.


Back to School Blues

Joe is not happy when he hears school will reopen.


One Little, Two Little, Three Little Mice?

When Joe brings home some furry friends, it causes havoc in the Cartwright house.


Win Some, Lose Some

Where is Adam when his brother and the O'Malley girls are finding mischief in town?


Winter Fun

Could there be such a thing as "winter fever"?


The Rival

Ben finds a new love interest and some members of the family have a hard time dealing with it.


The Pain of Glass

A fireplace poker, little shovel, and broken glass. How do the three go together? Read on to solve the mystery.


The Never-ending Pain of Glass

This story follows The Pain of Glass. Getting replacement glass for the window ends up being a harder task than Ben thought it would be.


To Pay the Piper

After Adam gets into a peck of trouble, he realizes how his actions can affect his family.


Once Upon a Christmastime

A Christmas story told by 8-year-old Juliet Cartwright, Ben's adopted daughter.


Wanted, Texas Red

Is Texas Red hiding in Eagle Station? Joe and one of his brothers think they know the answer.


Forget Me Not

A year after Marie's death, Ben reflects on what helped him carry on. A short story written in response to a Tales challenge.



A Cartwright son goes missing - will he ever be found?


Playing the Field

A new girl in town causes a bit of trouble for one of the Cartwright boys.



The Schoolmarm

The new schoolmarm shakes things up in Eagle Station.



The Sacred Trust

Ben's temper puts Adam's welfare at risk and threatens his close relationship with his son.


One of Those Days?

Adam's having a bad day. Will it end better than it began?


A Brother Forsaken

As Adam prepares to leave for college, his relationship with his youngest brother spirals downhill.


False Witness

Tess's lies cause big trouble for the Cartwrights.


Tess's Final Revenge

The sequel to "False Witness." Tess causes even more trouble for the Cartwrights.


The Canine Anomaly

An unusual dog causes trouble for Adam.


Demons of the Past

A man from Ben's past torments Adam.


A Hero's Burden

The sequel to "Demons of the Past." Who's behind the acts of vengeance tormenting the Cartwrights?


A Time to Weep

The sequel to "Demons of the Past" and "A Hero's Burden." The Cartwrights face their most desperate hours.


A Time to Laugh

The special parody sequel to "A Time to Weep."



Hoss and Joe's moneymaking scheme causes trouble for Adam.


The Heart of the Matter

A tragedy turns a distraught Little Joe against one of his brothers.


Haunting Images

A robbery at the ranch creates an unexpected and serious problem for Adam.


The She Devil

Adam makes a mistake that may force him to leave the Ponderosa and his family permanently. (Rated R. Please e-mail the author to request this story.)


Torie's Game

A female houseguest stirs up trouble for Adam and his family.


Jess Cartwright

High Noon

Carlos blames Adam when Isabella is hurt in a riding accident.


An Eye for an Eye

A crazy man seeking revenge against Ben kidnaps Adam.



While extremely ill, Little Joe is visited by his future self.


The Power of Goodbye

A tragic fire devastates the Greene ranch. Hoss and Margaret must learn how to say goodbye.


Amigos en Vida y Muerte

Carlos reminds Little Joe that they will remain friends no matter what happens. Companion story to the episode "Spoils of War."


For the Love of Joe

While hunting with Hoss, Adam accidentally shoots Joe.


To Be a Family or I'll Be Home for Christmas

A tragedy before Christmas leaves Tess facing a dismal holiday.


Father's Day

Little Joe struggles with his Father's Day assignment.



Adam helps a mysterious woman and her child find a better life.


Saturday It Rained

Tess and Adam have a little trouble picking up Hoss's birthday present.


The Love of a Father

Little Joe's nightmares lead to a lesson in love.


The Darkness Came

An accident has serious consequences for Hoss as well as the rest of the family.



The Homecoming of Captain Jacks

When the Cartwright boys and Tess wait out a storm in a deserted house, they discover much more than they bargained for.


Kate O'Neill


When Adam is faced down by Jack Wolf, he promises himself he will exact retribution. Enlisting Hoss's help in the endeavor, he lays out his plan. Unfortunately, a "helper" invites himself into the fun and Adam's methodical, well-planned prank goes off course.


Blood is Thicker?

The Cartwright boys are only half brothers. Does that mean their family bond is any less strong?


Placita de Paz (Place of Peace)

Shelby goes back to her childhood home. Small glimpses back through a journal, and her own memories, color the complicated family relationships she returns to, and remind her of who she is.



The Goldmaking Machine

Hoss and Little Joe conspire to buy an alledged goldmaking machine.


The Preacher's Bets

An unusual traveling preacher comes to Eagle Station.


The Top of the World

Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe set out to climb to the top of a mountain.


The Weight of Guilt

After some serious nighttime mischief, Little Joe struggles with the choice to keep it a secret or come clean.


The Critter Getters

A cheeky squirrel causes trouble for the Cartwrights. Or do the Cartwrights cause trouble for an innocent squirrel?


The Gold Dust Letter

A horse carrying some interesting items in its saddlebags shows up on the Ponderosa.



The Greatest of These is Love

Frenchy returns to Eagle Station to find things have changed. Romance blossoms for Big Dan.


A Grandfather's Love

Adam's grandfather, Abel Stoddard, comes to visit, leading Adam to reveal a painful secret.



The Visitors

Two visitors, Sam and Kylie, shake things up on the Ponderosa.


A Loving Hug

Little Joe gets help from a special person.




Harsh words between Ben and Adam lead them both into life-threatening circumstances.



Lynne C. and Katja

WHN to Samson and Hercules

This story explains what happened to Hercules after Hoss and Little Joe set her free, and how we all can learn from our involvement with, so called, dumb animals.



What Makes a Man?

On the brink of manhood, young Hoss gets into some of the biggest trouble of his life.


The Pirates of Eagle Station

A story from Ben's father's youth brings adventures for Joe and Erik.



Ben is named guardian of his brother's only child, Anna Marie.


Two Weeks

Anna and Little Joe are sentenced to two weeks of extra chores and restriction. Will they survive?


School Days

Anna and Little Joe deal with a school bully.


Growing Pains

The sequel to "School Days."


First Snow

As the first snow of the season falls on the Ponderosa, Annie learns how important it is to obey her elders.


Bennie and Eddie

Ben tells stories of his childhood.


Honored Teacher

Annie learns a difficult lesson about prejudice.


History of the Future

A future day on the Ponderosa.


Annie's Bad Day

Isn't Ben in for a treat now that there's a teenage girl in the house?


Birthday Letters

As Annie's birthday approaches, Ben reflects on the past via letters he's received from his brother, Ed.


First Love

It's Christmastime and Annie Cartwright is 13 and in love for the first time. Uh oh!



The Cartwrights are very "prankful" at Thanksgiving time.


Goodbye, Uncle John

Annie recounts the latest Ponderosa happenings in her journal.



Will Annie survive being confined to the house?


An Early Bloomer

The women's rights movement hits the Ponderosa . . .


White Hair Before I'm 50

Ben describes a not-so-great week for the Cartwrights.


To Sleep . . . Perchance to Dream

What kind of relationship would Annie and Marie have had?


I'll Be Fine

Annie meets her Uncle Padraig, who is fleeing the Famine in Ireland.



In her journal, Annie records her late-summer adventures on the Ponderosa.


How Could I Forget?

Ben remembers when he first met Annie and their trip to the Ponderosa.



Two of Joe's friends lead him astray.



The Cartwrights are off to a charreada, a Mexican festival.



Ben and another man are trapped in a mine. Ben's family and friends rush to rescue them.


Home is the Sailor

Ben reflects on his boyhood vacations to Cape Cod, and the day he met Elizabeth.


Truly Blessed

What will it take for Annie to realize how blessed she truly is?


Ghosts of Christmas Past

The Cartwrights reminisce about past Christmases as they reflect on the gift of family.


King of the Wild Frontier

The big trouble was all Miss Jones' fault . . .



Adam and Annie seek refuge in a cave during a winter storm.


The Mountain Man

Each Cartwright tells a different side of the story.


Wolf in the Fold

Jack Wolf becomes a little too friendly with Annie.


Whither Thou Goest

Ben returns to Eagle Station after he is part of the Donner Party rescue. What did Frenchy mean in Secrets and Lies when he said Ben was "irritable" that spring?


Throwaway Wine

Adam and Erik drink a bottle of Marie's wine while on the trail west.


A Serpent's Tale

Ben tells of the Great New England Sea Serpent.


The Raft

Joe makes new friends and gets into mischief . . .


A Problem Shared

Annie is concerned when Mitch invites her to sneak away with him.



Ben reflects on the first snowfall of the season.


The Magical Time

The Ponderosa has three visitors at Christmastime.


A Stor Mo Chroi

The rest of Uncle Seamus's story; the sequel to The Magical Time.


Good Knight Erik

Erik takes the tales of King Arthur to heart as he defends damsels in distress.



Ben's brother Ed and his new wife visit the Cartwrights in New Orleans.


The Kite (co-author with Nancy)

The Cartwrights engage in a high-flying contest.



New neighbors cause some trouble on the Ponderosa.


The Dolphin

Young Ben overhears a fishy tale told by his extended relatives.


The Tiger Trap

Ben tells another story about his boyhood. Written in response to a Tales challenge.


I'll Walk Beside You

Change comes to Eagle Station and to the Ponderosa.



Ben struggles with change after Adam leaves for college.



Adam meets his grandfather and visits family on Cape Cod.


Those Who Remain

The Cartwrights read Adam's stories from back east.


Nancy (Texas2002)

To Hold the Future Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

Ben and young Adam begin their westward journey.


Treasures of the Heart Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Adam Cartwright sits at the dining table while the logs glow red in the nearby fireplace. He taps a pencil on the tabletop as memories surround him. Something inside him must record these memories. He eases the pencil to the blank page of a new journal. This is what he writes.


The Greatest Treasure

All three Cartwright sons get in trouble on the same day in New Orleans. And then there's the rest of the story.


Playin' with Fire

The tail . . . uh, tale . . . of Thaddeus and the draperies.


The Journal

Overland trail journal of the Ben Cartwright family, 1846.


Mischief and More

Eleven-year-old Hoss tells about a spell of trouble he got into.


Up in Smoke

After sneaking one of Shelby's cigars, Little Joe learns a lesson in honesty. Adam and Hoss remember when they learned similar lessons.


Heading for the Hills

Ben and the boys go hunting but have a little trouble bringing home the bacon.


Just a Day Like Any Other

It's just a typical (?) day on the Ponderosa ranch.


Pulling Their Weight

Joe gets a puppy, Hoss teaches Abigail and John Adams to talk, and, well, read on . . .


Knuckling Down

Little Joe learned the consequences of lying in "Up in Smoke." Now, about two months later, he learns the consequences of disobedience.


Not Quite New Neighbors

The boys have always known Pa has a streak of mischief, but even they receive some surprises when Pa and the "new neighbor" are reunited.


Off Balance

Hoss's bad day leads to a better understanding of himself and Pa.


The Mice Will Play

Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe share some brotherly time while Ben is away.


Smoke Gets in Your Ice

Ben and Little Joe play their own version of cat and mouse during the building on an ice house.


Escaping the Ropes

The boys engage in a little mischief and Ben's cousin arrives for a visit.


The Trouble with Words

Adam is kidnapped? Read on . . .


What Was Benjamin Thinkin'?

Joe's world is ruined for sure as more people learn his middle name.


Cutting to the Chase

Chickens leaving home? Muddy boots? A rabbit named Jimmy? No wonder Ben's hair is turning gray. Let him tell you about it.


Tug of War

Trying to understand Molly, Adam gains insight about himself and his family - and how fortunate he is.


Lessons Learned

Hoss recounts the results of his tug-of-war with Pa, the aftermath of Angus' angry treatment of Adam, and a new "love affair" in Little Joe's life.



Barbara persuades Ben to accept a special gift on Joe's birthday.



A new girl brings out - well - less than the best in Adam.


Give and Ye Shall Receive

Adam is blessed with an unexpected gift as he strives to surprise Ben on Ben's birthday.


Your Heart Will Tell You

When is a losing proposition - not?


Lost and Found

News from Mexico affects Adam's future, Tess' temper affects Hoss' future, and Joe's bad decision has some effects, too.


No Shortcuts

Some shortcuts are best avoided.


The Hangin' of the Greens

All the boys wanted to do was . . . well, listen to what Hoss, Joe, and Adam tell Pa.


What Comes Naturally

Joe is busy with a bow and a bull while Adam and Hoss take the shortcut to the Eagle Ranch.


The Mountain Man

Each Cartwright tells a different side of the story.


Ten-Pound Tale

Ben never would have shared this story with his sons if Angus hadn't started it.


Fresh Breeze

A piece of paper in the street leads Ben to an interesting discovery.


The Proof is in the Pudding

Young Ben rescues a favorite knife for his father.


Sweet Surprise

Ben is cooking up a sweet surprise.


The Marker

Ben and Shelby share a moment remembering lost loves.



The package that arrives for Ben stirs memories.


The New Hat

Adam eagerly awaits his brand new hat.




Half the Ponderosa has gone up in flames! Who is to blame?



Things Never Change

Little Joe begins to realize why he's always felt a special bond with Carlos as the two remember their deceased mothers.


The Pain of Loneliness

A tragic romance for Carlos Rivera de Vega.



A young Carlos must deal with the loss of his wife, child, and his own dignity.




A special pre-Bonanza story.


What Doesn't Kill Us

While home alone, Adam and Little Joe are terrorized by the slave catcher, Starks.


Wise Men

Carlos learns a meaningful lesson at Christmastime.


A New Day Dawning

What if Ponderosa Adam had to face what Bonanza Adam does in the episode Death at Dawn?


Close to Their Hearts

As they celebrate Valentine's Day, the Cartwrights reflect on how much Marie enjoyed the holiday.


The Road to Change

After an accidental shooting, the Cartwright sons consider life without their father and Ben reconsiders his position on carrying a gun.


Viva la Independencia

Carlos experiences his first American Independence Day.


In the Barn on Christmas Eve

The boys hope to hear the animals talk on Christmas Eve.



The First Born

Adam is shot while working alone. Ben remembers the day his eldest son was born.


Tales of the Ponderosa Yahoo Group

The Tales of the Ponderosa Christmas Chain Story

The Cartwrights are part of a Christmas miracle.



Adam's Broken Heart

Adam receives a letter from Isabella.

The Hoss and Tess Love Story

Hoss and Tess finally reveal how they feel about each other.

Little Joe's First Year Without His Ma

Little Joe and his family grieve for Marie.

Adam Moves on with His Life

While finally getting over the loss of Isabella, Adam meets someone new.

A Treasure Map and a Lot of Trouble

Little Joe and his new friend Sue go searching for treasure while Adam, Hoss, Tess, and Ann search for them.

Tornado Hits the Ponderosa

A tornado ravages during a dinner party at the Ponderosa.

Cattle-buying Trip

Ben gets injured while on a trip with Little Joe.

Ma's Journal

Little Joe reads a special journal Marie wrote for him.

Mother's Day at the Ponderosa

Ben has special gifts for his son on Mother's Day.

Brother in the Middle

Hoss resents being the forgotten middle son.

Cartwrights' Camping Trip

Ben and Adam run into trouble while on a family camping trip.

A Year of Birthdays

In the course of a year, the four Cartwrights celebrate their birthdays.

The Big Secret

Little Joe and his friend Sue find something unexpected during a fishing trip.

Little Joe Falls in Love

Will Little Joe survive his first crush?

A Horse Race

A horse race leads to disaster for Little Joe.

Wagon Accident

Things go wrong when Hoss and Little Joe journey to pick up supplies for the trading post.

Eagle Station Blizzard

A fierce blizzard strikes Eagle Station.

Little Joe's Favorite Time of Year

Little Joe enjoys watching the seasons change on the Ponderosa.

The Halloween Dance

The youngsters of Eagle Station celebrate Halloween.

Thanksgiving on the Ponderosa

Little Joe isn't looking forward to their first Thanksgiving without Marie.

Christmas on the Ponderosa

Will Ben make it home in time to celebrate Christmas with his sons and Hop Sing?

The Stagecoach Accident

Ben and Little Joe's visit to see Uncle Ed doesn't go as planned.

After the Stagecoach Accident

Ben and Little Joe slowly recover from their injuries. The sequel to The Stagecoach Accident.

Older Brother/Little Brother

There are good and bad things about being the oldest, middle, and youngest brother.

Courtships Remembered

While Ben is recovering from an illness, he remembers falling in love with his three wives.

Aunt Jeanette Visits

Will Aunt Jeanette's second visit be as eventful as the first?

Little Joe, Home Alone

Joe gets more adventure than he bargained for when he skips school to stay home alone at the Ponderosa.

The Flood

Will the townspeople work together to stop the rising floodwaters?

Little Joe and the Bears

Little Joe goes camping with the Goodman family.

The New Schoolteacher

The new schoolteacher's field trip doesn't go as planned.

The Contest

Miss Brown arranges a treasure hunt for the children.

Adam Runs the Ponderosa

Adam tries to keep things going while Ben recovers from an injury.

A Mysterious Woman

A mysterious woman brings trouble for the Cartwrights.

The Running Race

A race between the Cartwright brothers leads to trouble for Hoss and Joe.

Ben's Trouble

A man from Ben's past demands that Ben marry his sister.

Adam Wants a Pistol

Adam tries to convince Pa he's old enough to carry a pistol.

The Boys, Home Alone

Two outlaws target the Ponderosa while Ben is away on a trip.

The Punishment

Little Joe disobeys Pa one too many times.

Little Joe's Jokes

Little Joe learns that some jokes aren't very funny.

The Reports

Hoss and Little Joe read their school reports on the person they most admire.

The Boys' Cattle-buying Trip

Little Joe falls ill during a trip to buy cattle.

Brothers Help Brothers

Adam saves Hoss and Little Joe from two bullies.

The Cartwright Brothers

Being a Cartwright brother is a very special thing.

Ben Talks About His Three Wives

Ben recalls memories of Elizabeth, Inger, and Marie.

A Saddlebag of Trouble

Little Joe finds a saddlebag full of money.

Adam Cartwright

Ben writes a book about Adam as a birthday gift for his eldest son.

Little Joe's Snow Day

Little Joe wanders too far from home on a snowy day.

Ponderosa Chores

Pa teaches the boys a lesson about doing their chores.

Adam and the Wild Horse

Adam tries to tame a wild horse by himself.

Adam's Punishment

Ben assigns Adam an unusual punishment.

Hoss and the Deer

Hoss cares for an orphaned baby deer

Adam's Promise

Adam breaks a promise to Little Joe.

Adam and His Brothers

Hoss and Little Joe care for their brother when he falls ill.

The Journey

The Cartwrights travel to California to purchase horses.

Joseph Francis Cartwright

Ben looks back on Little Joe's life as Joe prepares to celebrate his thirteenth birthday.

Eric "Hoss" Cartwright

On the eve of Hoss' eighteenth birthday, Ben reflects on his son's life.

The Father's Day Gift

Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe prepare a creative gift for Ben.

Ponderosa Beginnings

Adam and Ben reflect on their first months on the Ponderosa.

Mysterious Man

A mysterious man attacks Adam.

The Cave

Little Joe is lost in a cave and as Adam and Hoss search for him there is a cave-in . . .

Adam to the Rescue

Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe help a woman about to give birth.

Joe's Bow and Arrow

Little Joe is injured while playing with his new bow and arrow.

Where is Pa?

Ben is missing and the signs point to foul play.

Little Joe's Promises

Little Joe learns a lesson in responsibility.

The Brush Fire

A fire gets out of control on the Ponderosa.

No Time

Little Joe thinks Ben, Adam, and Hoss have no time for him.

The Night They Would Never Forget

A mysterious noise and a stranger's arrival one night leave the Cartwrights seeking answers.

The Fight

Hoss and Adam's argument leads to the worst fight they've ever had.

The Letter

Ben receives a threatening letter.

The Schoolyard Fight

Joe is hurt badly by a school bully.

A Team

Sometimes even a good team has a bad idea.

The Collecting

Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe come upon an overturned wagon.

Bag Full of Money

Little Joe comes across a bag full of money but its owner wants it back.

The Barn Fire

The Cartwrights bring in their winter stock of hay.

The Thanksgiving Promise

Can Ben keep his promise to be home by Thanksgiving?

Our Hero

Who will come to the rescue when Ben and Adam are held by outlaws?

Christmas at the Cartwrights'

Will Ben, Adam, and Hoss be home in time for Christmas?


Three wanted men kidnap Ben and shoot one of the boys.

April Fool's Day on the Ponderosa

What if the Cartwrights celebrated April Fool's Day?

The Man with No ID

The Cartwrights face a foe with no ID and no motive.

Adam's Kindness

Adam's compassion is revealed when he helps a woman and her son.

Pack of Wild Wolves

A pack of wolves attacks the boys and the Cartwrights' new cattle.

Gunman at the Ponderosa

The Cartwrights protect a young girl from her outlaw father.

The School Trip to the Mountains

Hoss and Joe's school trip doesn't go as planned.

Working Together

Adam, Hoss, and Joe are home alone when robbers come to the Ponderosa.

Hoss's Lonely Day

Hoss misses Tess when she goes back east to visit her ailing grandmother.



Things Worth Fighting For

This story introduces the Brooks family, Jared, 21; Nathan 19; Kate, 17; and their widowed father. Kate establishes a friendship with Adam, while a competing family fights for their ranch, Valleybrook.



Out of the Blue

Adam finds romance with someone he least expects, but it may end up tearing him and his father apart.


Vicki C.

It's the Thought that Counts

It's close to Christmas and Ben's sons are acting strangely.


Home of the Eagle

What happened during the Cartwrights' first winter in Eagle Station?


A Tangled Web

When Pa says in "Joaquin" that he thought they had the gun question settled a year ago, what did he mean? Adam thinks back to his twentieth year and how Pa came to that conclusion.


A New Beginning

The Cartwright family settles in Eagle Station but will the defeated Mexicans allow them to live in peace?


Joaquin - The Missing Scene

Remember when Pa told Adam "we aren't finished" during their talk in the barn?


Wagon Wheels

Young Adam figures out a use for Ben's heavy-as-logs biscuits.


Winter Sport

Adam makes a toboggan that causes trouble in the Cartwright household.



Virginia City Gal

Home for Supper

The Cartwright family copes with a life-and-death situation.


Snow Job

Hoss is being a typical teenager as the Cartwrights cope with an out-of-season snowstorm.




A Woman's Ways

A little interaction between Carlos and Mrs. Greene will hopefully teach them something.



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