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New Stories

Title: Father and Son
Author: Marion
Synopsis: Young Ben learns many new things about his father in the months before he leaves home to go to sea.


Title: Wildflower
Author: Cindy
Synopsis: Margaret's young niece comes to live with her and Tess, and she becomes infatuated with Ben and attempts to prove she isn't just a girl, but a grown up lady.


Title: Catching 'em Red-Handed
Author: DJK
Synopsis: Who's sneaking some of Pa's brandy?


Title: Remembering Inger
Author: Ella
Synopsis: Adam shares some stories about Inger with Hoss, and Hoss surprises his brother with some memories of his own.


Title: One Thing Led to Another
Author: Ella
Synopsis: Adam goes into town on a supply run and happens to meet Isabella. They go on a brief carriage ride - and really wish they hadn't!


Title: Responsibilites
Author: Ella
Synopsis: A sequel to "One Thing Led to Another." Adam and Ben discuss Adam's indiscretion.


Title: After the Quarantine
Author: Ella
Synopsis: A WHN to "Quarantine" allowing Ben to address Joe's fears.


Title: A New Life
Author: Christine
Synopsis: A day on the trail for Inger, Ben, and Adam as they journey west.


Title: The Letter
Author: Marion
Synopsis: Ben relates recent events in a letter to Abel Stoddard.


Title: Adam's New Friends
Author: Tennessee
Synopsis: Adam goes in search of two kidnapped boys.


Title: In Her Words
Author: Ella
Synopsis: Adam and Ben remember Inger on the occasion of Ben's sixtieth birthday.



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