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December 28, 03
Well here is the last update for this year. I can't believe 2003 is almost over! Not much this time, I've rearranged some pages, changed a few small things here and there and put the
Fan Stuff on the bar up top. I've got several new links including a poetry and wallpaper link. I'm sure you noticed the graphic on the main page, isn't it beautiful? I owe a big thanks to Jenn for designing that for me! Jenn you're the best! Be sure to check out her website, Sapphire Designs. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2004!

September 23, 03
Beginning of summer, huh? Yeah I did good on that didn't I? My summer was so busy and I was on the go a lot! It was a blast though. So anyway here are the way over due updates....I added several new
quotes, updated the links and fanfiction pages. I have a few new things too, I started a Fan Stuff page and a Character Insights. Check them out and let me know what you think. I also put up a picture of Messa, Shells and I from when we met up this summer.

April 9, 03
I've got a new quiz on the
polls and quizzes page and some new Michaela and Sully pictures. I'm working on some cool new stuff for this site and hopefully I'll have it done my the beginning of the summer. No promises but that's the date I'm shooting for.

March 2, 03
I edited and added more reviews on
my favorite episodes page. And there is new quotes for the following episodes: The Offering, Ladies Night, Dead or Alive, Woman of the Year, and Season of Miracles. I also edited the about me page.

February 4, 03
I added a quotes quiz in the
polls & quizzes section, and I finally finished the Cooper Kids photo page! I also added a new link on the fanfic page.

January 13, 03
I've added 4 new
"Priceless," and a new link on the fanfic page.

January 3,03
Sorry it has been so long since I've updated. I have just been so busy. Well I added a new section called
"Priceless." It's a take off of those credit card commercials with a DQ twist. Check it out and see if you can come up with some, if so send them to me and I'll add them with the others. I also changed my picture on the about me page. I never liked the one that was up there before.
I also added a note on the main page about Hallmark removing DQ. Make sure to
email them and tell them how you feel about their decision. Have a safe and happy New Year!

November 16,02
I added
quotes to the following episodes: Pilot, Washita, Farewell Appearance, and The Most Fatal Disease. I also put up a link for the Virtual 8th Season website on the fanfic page. I added some trivia questions for The Pilot on the polls and quizzes page. Check it out and see how well you know your DQ and tell us how you did in the poll.

November 2,02
I added 2 new links on the
links page and I also added a list of My Favorite episodes.

October 20,02
Well, this is a new website so everything is new! I have been working on this site on and off since the summer and I'm so happy to finally have it done! But there is still much more I plan to add. I hope you enjoy my tribute to this wonderful show! Any and all comments welcome just
email me.