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The Official Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman website
The DQ Times
Dr. Quinn Insight
Dr. Quinn: The Ultimate Addiction
Branduin's Dr. Quinn website
Stephanie's  DQMW  website
The Online World of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Mike and Sully
DQMW page
Caroline's Dr. Quinn World
Shelley's Dr. Quinn website
Dr. Quinn Character Moments
Quinnatic Corner
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman fan site
Dr. Quinn FAQ-Answers to some of the questions involving the cast and crew
PAX Dr. Quinn Message Board-Home of the Question Game

Dr. Quinn Wallpaper

Kris' wallpaper-Lady Doctor
Kris' wallpaper-All My Days
Rachel's wallpaper
Branduin's wallpaper
Jenn's wallpaper

Dr. Quinn Poetry

Poetry by Jean and Wynne
Portraits by Rachel
Giving Thanks by Rachel
SK's poetry


3rd movie campaign

Petition for a 3rd Dr. Quinn movie
Working for a 3rd Dr. Quinn movie

Jane Seymour

The Official Jane Seymour website
Quinntastic-Jane Seymour
A Tribute to Jane Seymour


Joe Lando

The Official Joe Lando website
Sights and Sounds of Joe Lando-Lots of video clips of Joe and DQMW


Other Cast

The Official William Shockley website
Actor's Corner-Chad Allen
Actors Corner-Shawn Toovey
Shawn Toovey Official website
Jessica Bowman webpage
Erika Flores fanpage
Jim Knobeloch- A Fan Page
Brandon Douglas website the filmography of any of the cast of DQMW

If know of any other DQ websites or sites related to the cast or crew, please send them to me and I'll add them here.