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Trivia for Episode: Epidemic

(The correct answers are below)


1. How is Olive related to Loren?

2. What is the name of the cowhand who is sick when Olive rides into town?

3. Who gave Black Kettle an American flag?

4. What is name of Emily's husband?

5. What does Dr. Mike use for a hospital?

6. When was the last time Horace closed the telegraph office?

7. Who objects to Myra helping with the sick?

8. Who were the 3 people that got the last of the quinine?

9. What candy is Loren out of at the beginning of this episode?

10.What does Sully promise Brain?






1. Olive is Loren's sister

2. Willie

3. Abraham Lincoln

4. Sam

5. Charlotte's Boarding House

6. The flash flood

7. Olive

8. Brian, Jake, and Horace

9. Jawbreakers

10. That Dr. Mike won't die