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I have not written any Dr. Quinn fanfiction but here are some links to some great websites dedicated to keeping the DQ magic alive.

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If your new to DQ fanfic and not sure where to start, here are some of my favorite stories...

A Time to Dance By: Becky Harkness
If Michaela had been convinced Sully had really died when he fell from the cliff would she have spent the rest of her life alone grieving, or could she ever allow herself to find love again? And if she did, what sort of man could win her heart?

Westward Bound -By Becky Harkness
The sequel to A Time to Dance

Playing With Fire -By: Tiffany Miller
While on a business trip, Hank stops by the Shady Oak Saloon, only to meet a barmaid named Kay, who looks and talks just like Michaela! His body telling him one thing, and his mind another, he returns to Colorado Springs to find Michaela gone and convinces Sully to come back with him. But what will happen when they return...?

A Forever Love -By: Pam H.
Takes place four years after Revolutions. Michaela and Sully must rediscover their love after a tragic four year separation.

The Scrapbook -By: Debby K
In this short story, Michaela and Sully eavesdrop as their children leaf through a family photo album. Using her imagination, Katie explains the pictures to Josef.

 Phantom Faces -By Melissa

Michaela and Sully are deep in the search for a new hotel manager and another doctor. Dorothy visits Cloud Dancing in Montana and Jake tries to complete his homestead. But amongst all the changes, the town experiences some ghostly encounters.