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Outtake Video Clips Are Here!!
The clips are in wmv format for Windows. There is a Windows Media Player
available for a Mac OS 8.1 and higher.
The site is due for some MAJOR renovations. The majority of the pictures have been moved to the "Official Site" The pics from Seasons 1 through 6 ,and new characters have been placed in the Boarding House. The patient pictures have been posted in the clinic. The different/same actors/characters will be moved to the Library on the official site.

The focus of the site will now be on my favourite character, Hank Lawson. Why I started with Season 2, I will never know but the first two episodes of Season 2 have been placed on the site. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Hopefully, it will not take too long to get Season 2 completed ... then on to Season 1 and Season 3.

This site is not associated with CBS, Sullivan Productions or any other official site. It is a personal site purely for enjoyment. It is not intended to take away from or be in competition with any other site.