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Demon Listings


Demon Type Notes
Talamour Parasite type Demon.who lives inside the bodys of other people but most Bodys decay. The demons are on a constent serch for a perfect host, one that wont decay. It transfers from person to person by exiting through the chest of one person. killing them during the prosses and then burrowing into the back of the next host.
Val Trepkos

One of the demons in the ring bloodsport he is the best fighter there and is one win away from freedom. That fight is against Angel but they are rescued by Wesley and Cordilia before it comes to death

Vahrall Demons

They arrive in sunnydale to open the hellmouth and plan to sacrifice themselths to do it

Vampire We cant forget thease guys can we. Vampires are dead Humans possed by Demons but with all the memories of the human. They burn up in sunnlight and holy water, they cant be seen in mirriors and they can be killed by a woden stake throug the hart or decapitation at which point they turn to dust. To suvive they need to dirnk blood. Tecnicaly it dosnt have to be human blood but they prefer it.

In a way simmiler to vampires in the fact if you are bitten by one you become one. but you would still be human most of the time and just change into the wolf usually on and around the full moon. Once a wolf the human side of that person has no, controll.

Humans bitten by a werewolf will turn because of sopmething to do with theire phycie. this is usually only affected anough to change on a full moon but even that can be stoped with training and disaplin. A person can also turn when under grate stress, eg: Oz finding out willow is a lesbien

They are alergic to silver

Whistler I dont know what type of demon he is so I put him under his name. what I do know is that he is half demon- half human has something to do with the powers that be which is why he came across angel when he is a reck on the streets of LA in the early 1990s and helped him on his path. sounds a bit like Doyal dosnt he?