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Demon Type Notes
The Oden Tal Race from a demon Dimenision where the males of the spices enslave the female. Members of this specise have the ability to set things on fire and females KO intensifys any sexual attraction. When they become slave thire KO( riges at the back of their neck) is romoved some escape to our dimension to stop thins from happening
Order of Taraka

Three Demon bountie hunters hired by Spike to kill Buffy. one is a demon who can turn itself into thousend of worms to devour its oponent on is just an ordinary huminoid demon and the other appears to be a human discised as a police woman.

Ovo Mavoni

A demon who can raise the dead Has recepricals like masks that will make whoever weare it become the body for the demon. Its weekest point is its eyes. the name can be translated to "Evil Eye"

Polgra Demon A demon who propels spikes from their arms to impel their victems. One is captuard by the Inisitive and the arms with the spikes used to add to Adam.
The Scourge Nazi Type demons. raceist aganst any people who arnt pure blood Demons. They hunt down and kil any demons with Human blood in them. They develop a becon that emits light which wil destroy anthing with Human blood on contack. They make a bomb incorprating this light.
The Sisterhod of Jhe A Cult determind to Bring aout end of the world. In sunnydale this means opening the hellmouth