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Demon Listings


Demon Type Notes
The Judge has blue skin, a horned head. when has full power he can incinirate any person with a sread of humanity in them with a single though when hes week he needs contact with them. He was divided into may pieces and scattrerd all over the world. But Spike and Dru brought him back together. Back in middle ages no Wepon forged could kill him. but nowadays we dont forge wepons we manifacture big powerfull things like bazokas

A demon from another demension on the run from her parents who wont let her go to college. she ends up being buffys roommate and trys to get Buffys soul but The grate one Taparrich arrives just in time to take her home to her parents

Der Kindestod Name means "Child death" in German. This demon prays on ill children and sucks the life force out of them by exstending his eyes onto their skull Buffy hills him after she discovers him while in hospital
Kulak Bright yellow skind demon with a fish like head That was one of the assasins in "Slayerfest 98" killed by a grenade while traped in a cabin
Kungai Demons They secret a filmy mucus from their body and posses a 'Tak' Horn which can drain the life forse of an oponent. It is yellow skilned and useuly tall. Angel found one dieing in a demon spar after being tricked by evil Demon auctioneer Barney
Kwaini A peacefull non-violent race. One is found dead by angel with a drug in his system that made him go on a killing spree. Curtisy of Wolfum and Hart
Largos They have Dull purpul skin and large horns comeing from each side of their face. Good fighters. One trys to acuire the Glove of Myhnegon in season three
Lister Demons

A half bread spices( Half demons, half Human) who are constinty in hiding from Nazi type demons. The Scourge. Angel and team help them to escape the country Doyal even sacrifices his life for it.

Machida A demon with the upper body of a man and lower of a gient serpent he grants welth to the college boys who bring it female sacrifices. This has been going on for a century but end when Buffy is brought as a sacrifices and she slices the demon in two
Malish One of the competitoior in the Ring a blood sport which pits demons against each other to the death in LA
Mohra Demon Acuiers their powers from a Jewl inn their forheads evry time its choped up it regenrates stronger than before. however it needs salt to suvive. Its bolld has regerative propitys and even turns Angel into a Human again. The demon can be compleatly killed by destroying the Jem in its head
Moloch Has Hypnotic ype powers over people and can make most peole love him. But in 1418 Monks traped Moloch in a book, he would only be freed if the book was read aloud. Unforchulty in 1996 willow scaned the book into the computer. because it wasnt read through words but through computs languge insted of seting the domon completly free It made him into a computer program and he escaped onto the Internet. He convincis a load of people to bulit a robot body for him But in the end buffy destroys it