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Demon Listings


Demon Type Notes
Abozor Parasite Demon. The mother lays eggs underground . The eggs hatch and attach themselfs to human host therefor takeing control of them
Killed by a good old fashiond slice and dice

he can create a vortex that will suck the world into hell he first came forth centurys ago but was stoped by a valient knight who drove a sward through the demon. which turned it to stone. if the sword is removed the vortex will open but this talks a ritual. and once opend can only be stoped by Angels blood.


This is a human/ Demon cyborg put together by the iniative thing. THey took parts of one of their solgers parts of diffrent demons and teccnology and put them all together to make Adam. He has arms equipd with bone skewers (from a polgare demon) a computer inside his chest inferred detectors, microsopic 4000 sensors. It is magie walsh that creats him.

Ano- Movic demons A Clan of peasefull demons. They used to be vilent but have now domesticised and adapted to our culture. although they do still have one vilont tendency which is a tradition to eat their brides ex-husbands brain at the bachoular party
Anyanka Since she lost her powers and became human she has been called anya. She was human originaly, (I think) and because she performed some vengence spells she was made a vengence demon. she then did this forhundreds of years befor while helping cordilia with vengence Giles destroyed her power sourse makeing her human. she is know part of the scobey gang and is engaged to Xander
Balthazar Obease Demon who has to be kept cool by poring water over him. Was made imobile by mayor Wilkins over a century before. He has the ability to move objects with her mind. Has a cult who follow him called The El Eliminati. Killed by electricution by Buffy and Faith
Brotherhood of Seven Seven Demons that take on the form of humans but need to consum a Human hart and Brain onceseven years to keep their human form. Six of them were hunted down by a Demon hunter who had been turned into a ventriliquist dummy. The final one was killed by Buffy But the hart was stabed by the Dummy which set him free
D'Hoffryn This guy has the ability to transport Mortals to the world where Demons are spawned and can elevate a human to Demon level. He is the one who made Anya a demon and when she loses her power he offers the job to willow
Earshot Demon hay have no mouths and comunicate telepathically. if a peoson is exsposed to the demons blood that person will start to exsibit a charectristic of that peson. the only way to get rid of that charectristic is to eat the demons heart. This happens to Buffy and she inherits the telepathic ability.
Ethros Demon

Posses people. and makes them do evil things. one posses Seth, a small boy Angel discovers through one of cordys vision


It can only exsist in this reality by possesing an unconsious host
Tempory posseson gives the host a feeling of power its like a drug

Tempory possesion can backfire if Igon then hunt all of groupwith his mark tattod on them trying to kill them
Igon was destroyed byforcing it to jump into Angel. The demon inside agel killed Igon

Frarl Demon Has horns that curl round. has ability to shot out hugh jets of paralysing mucus. cant speak english and is gennraly considerd adumb thug in the demon comunity. works for other demons. because to dumb to think of own plans. Giles is transformed into one by ethen Rayn
Gachnar Also know as the Dark lord of nighmares and bringer of terror. He turns the fears of his oponents into reality. when he finnaly shows himself though he is only 8 inches tall and call therefor be killed by a quick stomp of the foot
The Gentleman Eriy gray creatus. that can hover over ground Faces fixed in one exspresion. They go to towns and steal evryones voices so they cant scream out for help when thir harts are sliced out. Killed by the screaming of a girl (another reason for the no-voice thing)
Haxil Beast Impregnates woman to further it specis has hypnotic power over the woman. it uses male emiserys to do the pregnating. pregnency only lasts a few days
Howler Demon Bald. Really white and slimey usually found in very dark places can emit an horrifying high pitched screem.