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Joshmaul's Klingon Academy Mods
Reydovan Democratic Republic MBs
More KA Screenshots
Rescue Operations
A 3D Rendering, Courtesy of Cyrille LeFevre
Admiral Underwood's Inspection

Welcome to my mod and screenshot page. I will try to get as many screenies and mods on here as possible - but no promises. My space is limited.


U.S.S. Alliance Approaching Starbase Clannad
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A In Deep Space
I.S.S. Skyrider
Front View, U.S.S. Skyrider
U.S.S. Skyrider Leaves Dock
U.S.S. Skyrider NX-1831 - Beauty Shot

I have a set of the mod ships and mod drydocks made for me by Moogle, Kt'Hyla, Senator and Sector1001. It's about 1.5 meg in size. Joshmaul's Mod Pack!

Also, there are textures for the Skyrider in case Sector1001's doesn't work. Courtesy of The Lord of Time. You have to save them both as bitmaps (BMPs) in the TEXTURES folder of your KA directory for them to work. The files to overwrite are 16atop.bmp for the top of the saucer, and 16Abtupf.bmp for the bottom. Works best with Moonraker's NCC-1701-A textures for the stock Connie.

A revamped version of my star systems, including a modified Qo'noS system!Joshmaul's Systems!

In mid-to-late 2001, Challon created a story that astounded the community. Now, that story returns. (Note: Out of date; Challon planned on updating it, but disappeared before he could.)Star Trek: REVOLUTION

In light of Hidden Agenda's Homeworld releases, I decided an addition to his project was in order: Hiigara - The Homeworld

Because I am also a Warhammer 40,000 nut (and the Eye of Terror campaign is going global), I decided to make a system for Cadia. I attribute my decision to start this project to the global gaming empire we know as Games Workshop. Fortress Cadia

Just a little campaign I thought would be interesting! Here's the first part: Mirrored Realities Episode 1
Here is the second part: Mirrored Realities Episode 2
Here is the final part, plus an extra: Mirrored Realities Episode 3 (Plus!)
A planned joint venture with Kt'Hyla - a Reydovan warship from the future. Absolution Class Warship (Coming Soon)

Updated July 28, 2005