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Hiigara - the Kushan Homeworld

Download the Hiigaran System!

This release comes in light of Hidden Agenda's current Homeworld modding project for Klingon Academy. For the history, read this, taken from the official Homeworld website:

Anthrocist Sagald had found something that was as unremarkable to the casual eye as it was monumental to the future of our people. When she studied this stone further, she discovered it had once been an ornately carved artifact that had been nearly destroyed by intense heat. Whatever message it had been originally intended to convey had long since been erased. Distant ancestors had cast it through time as a message to generations to come. Etched into the upper surface is a simple rendering of our spiral galaxy. A single gouged line leads from the galactic center out to a point close to the edge. This point corresponds with Kharak's actual position just outside the outer spiral arm of the galaxy. Adjacent to this point is a single string of numbers that yield a three-dimensional vector. At the other end of the line is a single ancient word, common to all clan dialects: Hiigara...Home.

The effect on our culture of this simple artifact, now known as the Guidestone, has been unprecedented. Our materials scientists confirmed the age of the artifact at approximately 3,000 years, and are assured that they can match the Guidestone to its system of origin should we come across it. After a long history of struggle, strife and inter-clan warfare, the confirmation that Kharak was never our true home inspired an era of co-operation like none ever known. For the past two hundred and fifty years there have therefore been no significant conflicts or bloodshed. We have dedicated our entire industrial and scientific resources towards a single, common goal:

Returning to Hiigara...our Homeworld.