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FORTRESS CADIA: The Cadian System for Klingon Academy

Abaddon the Despoiler with Cadia in his taloned grasp.

"Cadia is a living fortress, defended by the millions who have devoted their lives to keeping the Black Crusades from reaching Holy Terra. If it were not for the Cadians, the Despoiler would have conquered much of the Imperium before he was sent back into the Eye of Terror.
-General Mikhail Aleksandrovich Britanov, Commander of the Reydovan XIV Legion

Cadia is one of thousands of worlds in the realm of the Emperor of Mankind. But Cadia is unique, being the world that guards the only navigable entrance to the rip in space-time that spreads across 20,000 lightyears - the Eye of Terror.

Abaddon the Despoiler, the Arch-Warmaster of Chaos and Chosen of the Evil One, Horus, has returned to the world of Cadia once more. This time, he plans on grinding the Imperial fortress-world to dust. The Emperor's finest warriors have been dispatched from all over the galaxy to battle the Despoiler's incursion, and even the enigmatic Eldar, guided by the legendary Farseer of Ulthwe, Eldrad Ulthran, have joined to send the Chaos Legions back into the hell they came from. But can the Despoiler of Worlds be stopped in his tracks, or will the Emperor's reign come to an abrupt end?

Because Warhammer 40,000 is a pivotal part of my gaming life, I am one of the people who decides the future of the Imperium of Mankind. In light of the Eye of Terror campaign going worldwide on July 7, 2003, I have decided to make a system for Cadia. The only planet in the entire system is Cadia itself, mainly because none of the other worlds would fit without being sucked into the Eye (the pinkish nebula).

It's funny what you can do at three in the morning, isn't it?

Download the Cadian System (38k)