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Last updated: 18 February 2004

A little romance
My response to a challenge: write a story including moonlight, a dog, plain M&M’s & Chakotay’s boxer shorts. What more do you need? Apart from a little romance…

A Question of Timing
It's their last night in the DQ. What are a heel-dragging couple to do?

In which I actually get them into bed. The same bed.

Really Kathryn, or Afterwards II
A better ending, for those so inclined.

Ballad of an Invisible Man
Sick of being bored and ignored, Chakotay sets out to win the Captain's attention by any means necessary.

Boredom Bingo   Part 2
A story I co-authored with Bodie. The junior members of the crew are trying to keep occupied by playing a game based on the behaviour of the senior staff around them. Amusement ensues.

Cloud watching
Kathryn and Chakotay spend a few peaceful minutes together before the return home.

Kathryn’s husband is jealous. That’s about it, but I have a soft spot for this one. Probably because I adore the song.

Crispy fried noodles
Kathryn has the homesick blues.

Everytime she sneezes
Chakotay is having delusions of indifference.

Fair game (rated PG-13)
Kathryn's having some unexpected problems with her satyromaniac & jealous holo-boyfriend. I rated this one PG-13, but there's no actual sex. Just talk about sex. And bad jokes about sex. And some bad jokes. Trust me, it's definitely J/C :-)

For the love of Mona
When Kathryn hates the way a story ends, Chakotay rewrites it for her.

Getting what you want
More noodles. Mostly conversation. Not my best effort, but hey, I'm on holidays.

Gorgeous Wings
Piece o' fluff, for old times' sake.

Green beer & Brown snakes: a Padd-y's day story
Neelix and Tom plan an Irish celebration for the crew. Needless to say, things don't go to plan. This is another padd story - hence the shocking pun in the title. Sorry!

Award winners in the JetC25 Haiku contest

Happy birthday, Wendy
With a little help from his friends, Chakotay takes Kathryn on a special trip for her birthday.

He thought of Kathryn
Chakotay finally meets Kathryn’s family, but not under happy circumstances. My first melodramatic funeral story!

Huge! (the lesser known story of Two of Nine)
A parody in which Voyager assimilates a very different ex-Borg.

I never thought it would come to this
In which the captain is observed to be behaving rather strangely, and Chakotay is distressed by her choice of dresses. Rated S for extreme silliness.

It started with a kiss
When both the program & the relationship are malfunctioning, what should they do? The answer is so obvious…

Kat's Tatts
A drabble. Okay, its very silly, but they're such fun to write!

Little blue world
An a/u story, in 34 chapters, set on the Liberty.

Lovers that never were
A short response to spoilers for "Shattered".

No kissing in the turbolifts
Kathryn wants to set some different parameters to fit their new relationship, but Chakotay gets there first.

Nothing I could do to change your mind   Whenever you fall   Reckless (rated R for a little lovin’)
My first J/C fic and the two sequels it spawned.

One shuttle crash, two kisses and some alien spores
A mildly silly response to a recent #jetc challenge.

A Valentine's Day story. Love is in the air on Voyager. But who'll catch it?

Resolved   Part 2
A mysterious illness causes Kathryn to reevaluate some past decisions, and to finally confront her experience from years ago on New Earth.

Schemes & Intrigues   part 2
A mad Blackadder-style Voyager tale. Too crazy to be true? Check it out for yourself. I’m told it’s suitably amusing.

Seasons of the Heart
Jinny times two! I badgered JinnyR into writing a story with me for Addy's 'Falling into You' contest. We think we did quite well. Check it out!

Sentimental Value
Kathryn's hanging onto something she should have ditched a long time ago.

Showtime: a padd story
When the holodecks malfunction, Tom decides the crew needs an alternative form of entertainment.

Sleeping In
Award winner in the JetC23 drabble contest

Someday, sometime
A Prixin party sets the scene for presents and promises.

Something like jealousy (rated R for language)
Kashyk stays, but not for a happy ending. Long live ambiguity!

Such a perfect day
A conversation about a not-so-perfect day turns into a discussion about regrets, which leads to a perfect ending.

Survival Skills 101
Janeway and Chakotay take a demotion in the name of crew training.

Talking in the dark
Janeway and Chakotay crash a shuttle together. Again.

The dating service
Neelix decides to play matchmaker for Voyager’s lonely singles. Much to his surprise, the Captain seems to think it’s a good idea…

The real ending
A drabble about the end of Voyager.

The riddle of 12741
A mysterious entry in the Engineering logs suggests to Tom Paris that something changed on Voyager after their encounter with the Hirogen.

The same old rain
Chakotay has a chat with Kathryn's mother and learns a few things.

The strange case of the matchmaker ghost
Kathryn is visited by an inept but enthusiastic ghost who decides to do her a good turn.

This distance between us   Epilogue   Janna's Epilogue
Post-endgame musings on what happened to their friendship.

Useless beauty
Kathryn chose someone else… what were the consequences?

The Voyager Festival of Love   part 2   part 3
Written for Addy's "Kiss me Kate" Valentine's Day contest. Neelix turns Valentine's Day into a week long celebration, and Kathryn finds herself dragged into things despite her best intentions to the contrary.

Whistling in the wind

Bodie's stories

An amusing drabble.

More coffee for me, boy!
Psychadelic coffee wreaks havoc on Voyager's crew.

Watching the detectives (rated R for language)
Voyager's usual suspects investigate their command team's relationship.

Bring it on home
A Reg Barclay story, written before Voyager's last season aired.

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