about Jinny

~ thanks to clare for the 'toon ~

Where to begin describing such a thing. . . names are important, I think. Jinny is a Scottish name although I'm not. Itís a nickname, as you probably gathered, but as for what itís short for, well, my lips are sealed on that one.

I live in the city of Canberra, Australia. Our capital city, actually, but you wouldnít know it for the amount of people that actually live here Ė or donít live here. Still itís a nice enough place once you get used to its oddities and find some other stranded Melbournians or Adelaidians to join you down at the pub. And no, thatís not a slight on Sydney people, thatís just where most of my friends here come from. We ex-Adelaide folk tend to band together, & bitch about things like why there arenít any really good pubs here, & how crappy eastern states beer is compared to Coopers Ale... but I digress. Canberra is a great place for... umm (thinks hard here)... bushwalking, historical research, blue skies in winter, political assassination (when they're actually here & if you're into that kind of thing), wattle (also if you're into that kind of thing) and seeing native wildlife - often as roadkill, alas.

I don't think that people are defined by their occupation so if you asked me "what do you do" I would say . . . I sing and play the piano (a lot) and guitar (a little). I draw, paint, cook, write poetry, short stories, histories and music, with differing degrees of success.

I like red ale, home brewing, good coffee, fine wine, pots of tea, fresh bread, fresh berries, homemade vanilla ice-cream, my herb garden. I love the companionship of dogs but donít have one at the moment (thanks to my landlord). I'm a voracious reader and couldn't begin to list favourites here. Maybe one day when I have more energy. The same goes for music. I'm listening to Elvis Costello singing "I want you" at the moment and can't possibly think of anything else. If you've never heard it, seek it out and listen, the man is truly hypnotic.

I don't like: selfish, narrow minded people, people who think they can live their lives divorced from principles or consequences, hypocrisy, being patronised, bland consumer culture, harrassment, racism, people who whistle tunelessly on public transport, people who mistreat animals.

oh and I like science fiction for its possibilities.

Still curious? feel free to send me email. Iím also a voracious emailer and a very friendly person, despite some of the strange, and sometimes goddamn depressing stories I churn out. Honestly.

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