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is there healing in the space between things?

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The Call to Service as an Energetic Healing Facilitator


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Question on spiritual development:
How do I know if I should be a healer? I feel as if I'm being called to this work but how do I know it's not just my ego?

Healing Facilitation Response: The short answer is that, assuming your willing to step into the position your soul is presenting, you will not be able to NOT be a healer. For most who become energetic healers, it becomes what they must do. Quite simply, the impulse does not leave them. they find that they are approached repeatedly, by those who need help. And they, somehow, know what to do. They instinctively know how to allow healing energies to flow through, in service to others.

By continuing to be open to this question and open to understanding your place in the world, your experiences and your life path will reveal whether you are to be a healer. That having been said, it would be nice if you could know now, right? Is there a way to recognize the signs sooner and shorten the time of uncertainty and questioning? Yes, there are tools that may be helpful.

One way increase your soul-level knowing is to ask before going to sleep for dreams that will help you understand your soul mission. Whether you remember the dreams or not, and whether you understand any dreams that you do remember or not, your soul will begin guiding you and revealing your path.

Another way to tell if healing is to be your vocation is to simply open yourself to be of service in that way. Consciously volunteer. If healing is a path of service you are to follow, then people will begin seeking you out and asking for your help, once you let the universe know that you are willing to be of service in this way. Please note that part of that journey may include a closer walk with the whole paradigm around healing and the concept of service, in ways that may change your view over time. This is what happened in my case. In other words, you may start out thinking the path is a path of service or being a healer, only to find out later that it is something else.

Sometimes, the trigger for knowing you are to serve as a healing facilitator comes from the words of another. Perhaps, that is why you have found this page. It could be that my words and my experience, can be a beacon to your path now. This was true for me at a certain point in my own path. I read a disturbing, powerful book titled "The Call". It was written by a woman whose spiritual journey, in many ways, echoed my own. Her name is Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I spent 7 years as a full-time healing facilitator before taking about the same amount of time away from the path of service. When I read Oriah's words, I recognized that The Call I had heard so many years before was sounding again, for me to step back into service in a more outward way. If you think you are called to be a healer then you probably are being called into service, though the path of service may not be what you initially think it will be. An idea about what you think healing means may have to shift. I know it did in my own case.

I started out as an intuitive reader, doing psychic readings at metaphysical fairs. Though the messages were helpful to my friends and then later, to others I had never met til they sat down at my table, it was not ultimately my primary gift.

Hindrances to Healing
The path to becoming a healer is often difficult to see at first, due to still unhealed or unbalanced areas in one's own life. The call may come but there may be layers of personal recovery that must precede offering yourself as a healing facilitator for others. On my path, I also had to release a tremendous amount of expectation of result. I wanted so for people to be better that, when that didn't happen, I suffered with them and for them rather than accepting that each person has the right to set the pace of their own healing.

Any vision you may have of the way you are to provide your gift may also need to shift. Some healing facilitators find they have a gift for counseling or singing and the healing power of the voice becomes their instrument. Others may find they can write and transmit energy in writing that moves people, such as Oriah's book moved me. Still others find their hands heating up and conducting energy in that way for healing.

The very fact that you have asked the question "Should I be a Healer?" points toward the answer. I support your decision to explore your healing gifts. Something in your soul is reaching out for answers about your life purpose and the question that has come shines light on a direction you can go, to find answers to the larger question of your life mission and how healing might be a part of that mission.

What is the role of an energetic healer?

Free Email Class on Healing: I offer a free course on healing for those who feel that working as a healing facilitator is right for their path at this time.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Making a decision to be of service in the healing profession is a very personal decision and it's good to go into prayer and retreat for clarity. The information contained in any health care / spiritual healing article or material on this site is not intended to take the place of personal medical or spiritual advice.