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How to Identify a Psychic Fraud

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How to tell if an intuitive or psychic reader is genuine


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First of all, most psychics I have met have been genuine in that they are sincere, not deliberately defrauding. They don't set about to deceive anyone. It is really more a question of skill level than a question of authenticity. I define an effective psychic reader as someone that is led by Spirit and not motivated by ego concerns around money, power, being approved of or validated, or being afraid of incorrectness, which can muddy the waters of intuitive clarity due to doubt and fear. If a message comes through that is not all that pleasant, I'd still rather hear it than some edited version to spare me.

High-level psychics have certain characteristics that I've noticed over the years. This series on psychic readings covers how to evaluate psychic skill and some of the earmarks of psychic fraud. Be sure to click the other links on this page for more information. I have some incredible intuitive readings in my day so I have experienced positive potential in spiritual guidance, whether tarot or runes or asking a question and opening the bible to a page that addresses the question.

Just because I'm a believer in divination tools and have experienced value from them in my own life, that doesn't mean I don't understand that there are those who unscrupulously prey on those who are so desperate for guidance that they will turn anywhere that might provide it. What would a well-rounded series of articles on psychic sharings be without presenting the counterpoint, which is that most psychics are frauds. Read about the Top 10 Psychics Debunked to learn more about fraudulent readers than you ever wanted to know.

Do You Know How to Spot a Psychic Fraud?
Tips on how to evaluate a psychic reader's skill level

If you are just calling up psychics in the phone book or searching for psychic readings online, it can be challenging to evaluate their intent or level of skill beforehand. That's one value of a venue like a new age fair. If you can attend a metaphysical fair in your area, there will most likely be local psychics attending, mixed in with readers that have traveled to be at the event. These local psychics are folks who live where you live.

With attentive observation, you may learn a lot. Integrity prevents you from eavesdropping, of course, but one good thing to watch is the psychic's point of focus.I used to pick a spot at a distance from a psychic, far enough away not to be eavesdropping on the reading but close enough to watch energy and interaction. If the psychic reader spends most their time observing the client, and very little time with eyes closed, averted to one side or the other, or looking down at the cards, they may be reading the person instead of giving a reading.

Another thing I look for is a non-manipulative energy field. If it looks to me as if the psychic is pushing energy or projecting weight of acceptance toward the person for the things they are saying, I pass. I want a neutral psychic who, though compassionate, is coming from a position of passing on information rather than urging toward a direction.

Are they psychic or are they reading you?
Some people have a natural gift for reading body language and facial expressions. I don't consider these people psychics; I consider them people readers. The best psychics I've ever gotten a reading from typically seemed so engrossed in what the cards, runes or their inner guidance was presenting that they hardly noticed me except to periodically check in to see if I had questions. In my experience, a psychic who focuses strongly on reactions, body language, etc. often guide the reading from feedback given unconsciously by the person sitting at the table, resulting in a reading that may be led by your own, revealed but unconscious, fears and desires.

Short of being able to observe a psychic in action, the best thing to do is schedule their shortest reading and look for these and other tip offs mentioned in the psychic readings series which may signal an inexperienced psychic, an insecure psychic or a psychic fraud.

Psychic Guidance Disclaimer: By pointing out specific traits of high-level psychics and traits that sometimes point to psychic fraud, I do not mean to say the every psychic that looks at you a lot or asks lots of questions is a fraud. The bottom line is whether the information you end up getting from them is useful to you. For my money, the psychic readings that have greatest value in my own life are those where I am empowered to shift what may appear to be coming, by the reading of the energy fields. Also, I appreciate readers who do not ask me anything at all but just go right to the cards and let them do the talking.