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Foot Reflexology Side Effects
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do you have heel spurs? foot reflexology may help!

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Does Foot Reflexology Have Side Effects? Is fatique normal after foot reflexology?


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Question on health care and healing: I usually have foot reflexology done once a week or bi-monthly. However, this round, I had 3-day consecutive sessions of a half-hour each day. Afterward, I felt like my body was tiring very easily. Are there any side effects with foot reflexology?

Healing Facilitation response:
Normally, a foot reflexology session will not generate notable fatigue or severe detoxing. However, if you have several sessions in a row, it can create a situation where more toxins are released than the body can eliminate. This can result in feeling fatiqued as the body cleanses and releases toxins.

If there is no other factor in your life from those three days that could explain the fatigue, I'd say your body might be releasing toxins more quickly than your system can handle them.

Reducing the healing crisis and / or fatique:
Drinking more water the day of your reflexology sessions should help with detoxing the body of released toxins, as will drinking water directly after the sessions.

Taking hot showers, followed by a brisk towel rub, will help the skin eliminate more effectively. The skin is our biggest eliminatory organ but it gets largely overlooked whenever we are detoxing.

Also, gently rubbing the skin around the lymph areas helps stimulate lymph drainage.

Taking natural health remedies that are designed to address fatique, like Fatique Fighter, can give your body assistance in overcoming temporary tiredness that may accompany detoxing the body after reflexology.

Foot spa baths are especially soothing and healing and can help with detoxing the body through increasing circulation and blood flow through the body. Using a foot spa afterwards can help the body release toxins better and is a wonderful way to end a reflexology session because it is so relaxing and soothing.

To take a foot bath, you just need a container big enough for both your feet to fit comfortably and deep enough to hold enough hot water to cover them up to the beginning of the calf muscles.

Adding aromatherapy oils to your foot bath can deepen and intensify the relaxation process and, depending on the oils used, can help with swollen feet, feet pain from pregnancy and tired feet after a busy day.

Note for diabetics: If you have diabetes, you should check with their doctor before soaking your feet in hot water because it may be contraindicated. more info on diabetes.

Also, diabetics should not soak their feet at all if there is infection in the feet. Otherwise, taking a foot bath before a reflexology treatment can help stimulate better circulation and flexibility in the foot, for an easier and more effective session.

If you still find your reflexology sessions result in detoxing to the point of discomfort or noticable fatique, you might try cutting back to one session per week until your body catches up with the process and balances itself in healing.

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Featured Foot Resource: Podiatry Channel:
Foot reflexology is offered as viable health resource but sometimes there are structural or disease-related problems with the feet. To learn more about foot problems arising from conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, as well as good general information on foot conditions including Plantar Fasciitis, Hammertoes, MRSA and Peripheral Neuropathy, please visit Podiatry Today

Foot Care Tips: Did you know that most people have one foot that is slightly larger than the other? Foot experts say you should fit your shoe to your larger foot. Also, foot size changes with age so it's important for seniors to check foot size when buying new shoes. For more on foot care or foot problems, call the American Podiatric Medical Association at 1-800-FOOTCARE.

Another interesting focus on the feet recently is the plethora of detoxing foot pads that are being advertised. Placed on the soles of the feet, these pads contain various ingredients that have a drawing and absorbing quality and which pull toxins from the body.

Health Care Disclaimer: There is evidence of foot reflexology being around as far back as ancient egypt. It is considered one of the safest, least invasive alternative healing modalitites. However, the information contained in any natural healing / spiritual wellness article should not be considered substitution for any personal medical advice that may be indicated.

The educational alternative health care information on this site is strictly that, educational. While foot reflexology is a wonderful, natural healing modality, please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on any serious medical concerns including unexplained fatique that does not pass within a day or two.