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Hand Reflexology and Ear Reflexology
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Reflex Points in Hands and Ears Benefical and Soothing


Additional Information:
Reflexology questions

This educational health care article is part of our Reflexology Health Series. In addition to foot reflexology, there are other forms of reflexology that may be utilized. These are particularly useful if there is an injury to the foot or if getting to the foot might be difficult.For example, you may easily do hand reflexology when visiting someone in the hospital and simply holding their hand.

Hand Reflexology: The hands have similar reflex points to the ones used in foot reflexology.These reflex points may be easily learned thru a study of Hand Reflexology. One especially useful time for this type of reflexology is during a hospital visit. It is natural to hold the hand of a friend or family member and the simple reflex points can be easily accessed and worked during a visit, with resulting relaxation, stress reduction and stimulation of the body's healing impulses without drawing attention of medical staff, assuming the person you are visiting is open to it. In stressful situations, there are one or two reflexes than can be worked even without a person knowing that's what you are doing, as you massage their hands in a comforting way that is more than just comforting.

Another environment where hand reflexology works better than foot reflexology, because it is totally non-invasive and is perfect for working with elderly people, is with the elderly in nursing homes. They don't even need to understand what you are doing. It will just feel comforting to them as you hold their hands and gently work the reflex points while chatting. Also, if a person's feet are too ticklish for foot reflexology, you can still stimulate all the same reflexes with the hands.

Ear Reflexology: I have always loved having my ears gently massaged. Come to find out, there's a reason for that! Amazingly, another field of reflexology involving reflex points in the ears is gaining a great deal of attention lately. There are over 300 reflex points in the ears and many, myself included, have seen wonderful results with this therapy called Auricular Therapy. In my case, auricular reflexology and accupressure therapy helped greatly with inflammation, hormonal fluxes of perimenopause and eyestrain.

Health Care Disclaimer: Hand reflexology and auricular reflexology are both soothing and safe ways to assist the body's natural healing abilities. However, reflexology is not presented as a substitute for medical care, if needed. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional on matters relating to your health and well-being.