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Do you have stretchmarks after giving birth or losing weight too quickly? Read about Natural and Prescription Stretchmark Remedies

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Retin-A for Stretchmarks
A skin specialist such as a dermatologist may prescribe creams or lotions containing Retin-A for reducing the appearance of stretchmarks caused by rapid weight loss or pregnancy. However, if using Retin-A for stretch marks that develop during preganancy, it would probably be best not to use Retin-A products while nursing your baby.

The generic name for Retin-A is tretinoin. Potential side effects of using tretinoin include stinging and burning skin at site of topical application, sometimes severe. Discontinue use immediately if irritation or burning is uncomfortable and check wit your dermatologist before starting back with Retin-A applications.

Tretinoin may sometimes cause skin to peel or become excessively dry and there could also be unwanted lightening of skin or redness. Check with your dermatologist immediately if experiencing any of these symptoms. Read more about Retin-A Side Effects

Laser Therapy for Stretchmarks:
Laser therapy is another option for reducing stretchmarks after pregnancy or rapid weight loss but, of course, is a more involved solution than applying creams. Keep in mind that laser therapy may take quite a few expensive sessions to get the results you want. This approach for stretchmark reduction is a bit controversial and some feel it really isn't worth the investment of time and money for the amount of improvement you may experience so be sure to discuss this fully with your doctor. Also be aware that you could deal with some bruising or swelling at some point in the laser therapy treatment process.

Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks:
Luckily, for those not crazy about the potential side effects of Retin-A or the expense and time involved in reducing stretchmarks with laser therapy, there are several natural options that may hold interest. For example, natural lotions containing Vitamin E. Essential oil formulas may also be quite effective. One such formula for helping the body reduce the appearance of stretchmarks comes from a company I respect, Amoils. They have created a remarkable natural stretchmarks remedy called H-Stretchmarks, based on essential oils with specific properties that help the skin in ways that are beneficial to those who want to minimize stretch marks.

What makes Heal Stretchmarks so different from other stretchmark remedies? Organic ingredients, free of pesticide residuals, herbicide residuals or chemical fertilizer residuals are a few differences that new mothers will appreciate. Maybe you didn't know a lot of beauty products have pesticide and herbicide residuals in them? Well, they do, but Heal Stretchmarks does not. The Heal Stretchmarks formula has been tested and proven effective for eliminating stretchmarks as well as preventing stretchmarks during pregnancy.

In fact, this natural stretchmarks remedy is specifically designed for those who are going thru growth changes which may tend to create a skin environment thaat results in stretchmarks. These rapid growth periods could include pregnancy, losing weight rapidly or weight fluctuations during the teenage years.

Stretta for Stretchmarks: Another significant formula for reducing the appearance of stretchmarks is a product called Stretta - Stretta contains glycolic acid which helps to remove the stretchmarks. Glycolic acid peels remove dead skin cells and have been used for facial treatments by estheticians for years. Glycolic acid is considered safe and gentle to your skin as it sloughs off dead cells. If glycolic acid is gentle for your face, you can be sure that it is safe to use to help remove stretch marks.

Second, Stretta helps to repair damaged skin with a natural extract that helps your body product collagen naturally, Centillica Asiatica. Through it's collagen promoting properties, Centillica Asiatica tones and tightens your skin. Collagen plumps up the network that functions between the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and the dermis (inner layer of skin.

Last but not least, Stretta contains nourishing rejuvenating and healing nutrients including Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Witch Hazel. These potent skin nutrients help to replace damaged skin with youthful, healthier looking skin that glows.

Health Care Disclaimer: Natural remedies for stretchmark reduction are not presented as replacement for any professional dermatological care you may need. As with any topical, results vary. As a rule, those with lighter skin may see better results in reducing the appearance of stretch marks than darker skinned people, whether using a natural remedy or going the medical route to treat.