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and Other Skin Conditions such as Herpes

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I was astonished to learn that 30 million people have eczema, according to The National Eczema Association and that 1 out of every three children have this skin condition. I'm still kind of boggled by the numbers. I had no idea eczema was such a big health issue. Of course, the severity of each case is different and I don't know how many of those are mild eczema and which are severe. Eczema is a skin condition that causes red, itchy and dry skin that can sometimes look scaly and may, in severe instances, also cause skin to weep, bleed and crust over.

Most people diagnosed with eczema receive that diagnosis as children. This skin condition tends to affect the neck, wrist, ankles, inner elbow and knee. There are 8 different types of eczema and a person may have more than one type. The most common of the 8 types of eczema is atopic dermatitis, or AD for short. Eczema is NOT contagious.

Although the exact cause of eczema has not yet been determined, some doctors believe there may be a connection between allergic conditions such as hay fever or asthma. Some holistic health advocates feel eczema may be associated with a sluggish liver. Regardless of the cause, skin care for those with eczema is important and proper diagnosis helpful.

For someone with eczema, it's important to know what may trigger it. There's quite a list. Some shampoos and bubble baths may, so I'd go for organic with no chemicals. Also, dust mites and pet dander in the home may be a trigger for someone with eczema. There are many other triggers you can review at the National Eczema Association website linked above.

Natural Eczema Remedies
In considering a remedy for eczema with a child, I hope you will consider natural remedies. Many of the ones that are prescribed contain steroids and may only be used for a week. Some should not be used with very young children. It's important to find a formula that is safe for young children. I'm happy to report that H-Eczema is safe for children 2 years and up and it's made by a company I recommend.

H-Eczema is a totally natural remedy that is very gentle on the skin and it provides fast relief from eczema symptoms such as itching and pain. Because your child's safety is of the utmost concern, you should also know that H-Eczema is FDA Registered and made in the United States. The highest quality natural ingredients are used in this formula and it contains no steroids or strong chemicals.

Skin Care Disclaimer: If you suffer from any skin condition, whether psoriasis, eczema or other skin problem, please check with your dermatologist. The skin care information provided by the Wellness Library is not intended to replace any needed medical attention for eczemapsoriasis. Detoxing is a good area of exploration for adult eczema.