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Natural Antivirals vs.
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Natural Antivirals - Helping the body resist bacteria and viruses

There are a lot of herbs and other natural substances that contain antiviral properties, that is they fight against viruses and better help the body withstand viral attack. I'm going to talk about a few that I've used and what my experience has been with each.

Olive Leaf: I keep olive leaf capsules in my first aid kit at all times. I've found it to be very effective. However, it can be a little harsh so if someone has a delicate digestive system, they might fare better with a homeopathic antiviral blend than herbals that are antiviral. I use olive leaf if I feel I'm coming down with a cold and also have used it to ward off fever blisters although I find a combination of lysine and oregano oil capsules works best for the latter.

Colloidal Silver: I've used colloidal silver at various times and have also made my own. I advise against making your own silver. It's too easy to get it contaminated. By the same token, I'd only buy silver from companies with the labs to make it properly. I saw good results with colloidal silver when I used it. Some shy away because of reports of colloidal silver causing argyria, or blue-tinted skin. I can say that the home-made silver I used for a while did turn our dog's skin blue permanently but it also helped the dog's health a great deal and the dog didn't seem to mind a blue tint to the skin. All kidding aside, as far as I can tell, the only risk of argyria is with home-made silver that has become contaminated in the manufacturing process. Any well-known brand should be perfectly safe to take as directed.

Garlic is another great, natural antiviral. I eat garlic quite often but don't take it as a supplement. Crushed, fresh garlic is the best. Garlic can mess with blood sugar levels in the hypoglycemic so, again, if you have issues with these types of choices, a homeopathic antiviral could be the perfect substitute.

Coconut oil has strong impact against viruses as well and it's something I personally love. Those on a low-fat diet may not get coconut oil approved but I personally think this healthy fat has gotten a bad rap and ought not to be excluded in low-fat diets. Talk to a nutritionist, arm yourself with information and take the facts to your doctor. Maybe they will allow it. There is a particular ingredient in coconut oil called monolaurin that has been proven effective against HSV-1. One company made a product called Lauricidin that has the monolaurin in it.

Homeopathic Antivirals: I really love homeopathic formulas! They are far less likely to cause allergic reaction, they rarely if ever interfere with other supplements or even with prescription drugs and they are generally safe for all ages. The drawback is that sometimes the condition may get briefly worse before getting better. I haven't had this happen often but it does sometimes occur with homeopathics. The uncomfortable phase in the healing should be temporary.

There are a number of homeopathic antiviral formulas out there and some are specific to a certain condition, containing homeopathic singles that address specific symptoms of a virus such as herpes. Learn more about homeopathic herpes remedies. The main thing to remember about homeopathics is that they don't just make a general antiviral formula. They make many formulas, each of which takes into account all the specifics of the person's condition. It's always best to actually meet with a qualified homeopath to determine the best remedy for your specific needs.

Health Disclaimer:Natural antivirals are not presented as replacement for any needed medical attention, evaluation or treatment. Please go over any natural remedies you want to use, with your chosen health-care provider.