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Homeopathic Remedies: What they are and how they work


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I sometimes have a hard time explaining homeopathy to anyone because, basically, a homeopathic remedy really shouldn't work. It is so diluted as to contain no active ingredient, usually. It's kind of like a hologram or an energetic imprint of the medicinal qualities of the material used. And it's used very differently than prescribed medications too; homeopathy is "like treating like" which sounds like a contradiction if you don't understand the principles.

A Simple Explanation:
According to a book called Healing with Homeopathy, a simple way to describe homeopathy is this: "A system of medicine that uses specifically prepared, highly dillute substances to induce the body's self-healing mechanisms in a comprehensive manner. The book I had was older than the ones I find with the same name online but here's a link to one with the same title. Not sure it's the same book as I've since passed the one I had along to someone else. Healing with Homeopathy.

I don't claim to understand exactly why these highly dilluted, agitation processed (involves shaking the dillution a number of times (I recall shaking 108 times, back when I made my own homeopathic remedies) to succuss before dilluting and succussing again.

Maybe it shouldn't work but, for me, homeopathics work far better than herbals, nutritional supplements or prescription drugs. I've used homeopathic remedies for better sleep, to combat flu or cold, to boost my immune system, for stress, etc. and I love them. Homeopathics normally don't interfere with medications either, which is a big plus but you do need to take these remedies apart from caffiene or peppermint or other strong substances that might cancel out the homeopathic potency.

Health Disclaimer: Homeopathy is being presented here as CAM and not to replace needed medical attention, testing or medication. Even though homeopathic remedies do not normally interfere with prescribed medications, you should always check with your doctor if taking prescription drugs, before adding anything else to your regimen, whether natural or prescription.