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Ask A Healer Heart Care Articles

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Heart-healthy tips for cardiovascular health - Cardiocare, the natural way:


Featured for Arteriosclerosis:
Unclog your arteries naturally

Does Heart Disease Run In Your Family?

This page features our existing articles on the topic of cardiovascular health as well as some great resources for medical information on stroke prevention, heart attack, general cardoicare and more.

Important, please read:The cardiocare information on Ask a Healer is presented as an educational health care resource and not as a substitute for needed medical attention. Our goal is to help you learn get heart-healthy through diet, lifestyle and mind/body changes that may be needed.

If you are under the care of a doctor for heart disease, stroke or other cardiovascular problems, and particularly when on heart medication of any kind, you should always check with your doctor before adding anything new to your health regimen. Talk with your doctor and pharmacists to rule out prescription drug interactions before taking a natural supplement of any kind.

Some people think, when I say not to add anything new without checking with their doctor, that I just mean over-the-counter drugs or new prescriptions from other doctors. However, I am including vitamins, herbs, dietary supplements, health supplements and even some foods in the equation.

For example, Vitamin E is a natural blood thinner, as are those healthful Omega 3's you've been hearing so much about for heart health. However healthy Omega 3's are for the cardiovascular system, if you are on blood thinners already, your doctor may not allow the addition of these or other natural blood thinners.

The same may be true of natural remedies containing herbs, vitamins or foods that naturally act as a diuretic. One very common drug interaction prohibits eating grapefruit. Of course, you could ask your doctor if natural remedies could be tried and the effects monitored for a while before resorting to prescription medication ... all they can say is no or yes.

Cardiovascular Health Articles
Is it your heart or is it sorbitol? Side effects or allergic reactions from consuming foods or taking supplements containing sorbitol may include cardiovascular issue. Is it your heart or is it xylitol? Side effects or allergic reactions from using xylitol as an alternative sweetener may include chest tightness and other heart-related symptoms.

Can 4 common ingredients provide cardiovascular benefits? Discover a recipe for a healthy heart.

Do you know your risk for heart disease? I'd recommend visiting the Mayo Clinic website and entering the search term heart attack risk factors. I used to link to a specific page but the url keeps changing so I'd suggest going to main site and entering those search terms. As a wholistic health advocate, I am so happy to see so much emphasis being put on diet for cardiovascular health in recent years. It's just simply a fact that most heart disease can be helped by making dietary changes that support healthy heart function. Learn what you need to be eating for cardiovascular health. After you check your personal risk factors at the Mayo Clinic, do a search on heart healthy diet to find really good tips for keeping your cardiovascular health optimal through what you eat.

Herb with long heart-healthy history - Discover the herb that Dr. John Christopher (considered by most to be the father of herbology) used to stop a heart attack. In fact, in all his years of practice, Dr. Christopher never lost a patient to heart attack.

Hawthorn the Heart-Healthy Herb - It's rare to find an herb with enough research behind it to justify mentioning it for cardiovascular health because there is really no profit in conducting expensive double-blind studies. However, one herb is recognized for it's cardiovascular strengthening properties. This is a four-part article on the healing properties of the hawthorn berry.

Stroke Prevention Resource - Check the CDC website for information on stroke prevention. Learn the lifestyle and dietary changes you can make for stroke prevention, the warning signs of stroke, medical treatments for stroke and risk factors for having a stroke.

Cleaning out Clogged Arteries Naturally:
If you knew someone who had personally cleaned out dangerous plaque from their arteries, would you like to hear their story? This man has, and he can tell you how he's doing the same thing for a lot of other people, naturally and safely. He discovered a nutritional combination that feeds the heart what it needs to heal itself and this natural heart remedy is cleaning out arteries in as little as six months time.

How safe are your statin drugs?
Prescription drugs safety and Off-Label Prescribing are two areas of controversy the medical community faces. Over-prescribing prescription drugs and prescribing them in doses above the labeled amounts present health risks to the consumer that have not always been acknowledged widely by the medical community at large. This article talks specifically about prescription drugs safety when taking statin drugs like lipitor and crestor. Learn more about Prescription drug safety and off-label prescribing

Now Available - Out-Patient Testing for Afib There is now a way to be tested for the health condition, atrial fibrillation, in an out-patient setting. A company called LifeScreen may be coming to your area soon. You can be tested for afib and also for cardiovascular health of your arteries.

What Wholistic Health Advocates Said About Trans Fats - Way back when, maybe 20 or 30 years ago, I remember hearing from natural cardiocare advocates about hydrogenated oils and how damaging they were to the body. I remember knowing that hydrogenated oils interfered with receptors and hampered the body's ability to stay healthy. I knew they contributed to heart disease over time. I'm so glad the medical profession is now backing this natural wisdom up with science.

How to reduce free radical damage - This fruit has shown some amazing antiaging and antioxidant properties that have people excited about the cardiovascular health implications among other things.

Cardiovascular Health Disclaimer: Holistic health approaches to healing involve natural remedies including simple nutrition, as well as natural heart remedies to help the cardiovascular system by feeding it the nutrients the heart needs to stay healthy. However, wholistic health practitioners will tell you to take this nutritional information to your doctor. Ask if there are any prescription drug interactions you need to be concerned about; ask about supplementing with heart-healthy vitamins and herbs and listen to what your doctor tells you about risks vs. benefits, whether your doctor is talking about prescription drugs or vitamins and other nutritional supplementation.